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Ultimele subtitrari
Numele filmuluiUtilizatorDescarcatNota filmului
"Star Trek: Discovery... (2024) derzelas
2x 0.0
"Star Trek: Discovery... (2024) derzelas
2x 0.0
Lies We Tell (2023) Anonymous
3x 8.5
"Franklin" Episode #1.2 (2024) berkys
7x 0.0
"Tokyo Vice" Endgame (2024) 3st3
2x 0.0
Subtitrari recomandate (rum)
Numele filmuluiUtilizatorDescarcatNota filmului
Dune: Part Two (2024) tonykapo
3200x 8.8
Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024) TataGlont
3014x 6.4
"Shogun" The Abyss o... (2024) Anonymous
465x 0.0
Dune (2021) bubuloim...
12931x 8.0
"Fallout" The End (2024) berkys
305x 0.0
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Cele mai descarcate subtitrari saptamanal (rum)
Numele filmuluiUtilizatorDescarcatNota filmului
"Shogun" The Abyss of... (2024) Anonymous
465x 0.0
"Fallout" The End (2024) berkys
305x 0.0
Baghead (2023) berkys
178x 5.4
"Fallout" The Target (2024) berkys
134x 0.0
"Fallout" Episode #1.3 (2024) berkys
105x 0.0
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The 100 (2014)
The Rookie (2018)
Being Charlie (2015)
Worlds Apart (2015)
The Young Offen... (2016)
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Numele filmuluiUtilizatorData
No Mercy (2019) Radiolover