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The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1997) subtitles

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1. A Disappearing Trick/Paddington Saves the Day/Paddington Goes to SchoolUpload
2. Old Master Paddington/Paddington and the Pardon/A Picnic on the RiverUpload
3. A Day to Remember/Paddington in Spain/A Most Unusual CeremonyUpload
4. Paddington Steps Out/Paddington Prepares/Paddington RecommendedUpload
5. Paddington Goes to the Dentist/Paddington's Dinosaur/Paddington's First FlightUpload
6. Paddington Breaks the Peace/Paddington Takes Off/Trouble at Number 32Upload
7. Paddington in a Hole/Paddington in the Galapagos/Paddington Strikes a BargainUpload
8. Pantomime Time/Paddington in Alaska/A Stitch in TimeUpload
9. Paddington and the Cold Snap/Paddington and the Yeti/Paddington Hits the JackpotUpload
10. Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep/Paddington at the Olympics/Paddington and Do it YourselfUpload
11. In and Out of Trouble/Sir Paddington/A Spot of DecoratingUpload
12. Paddington in Touch/Paddington at the Dead Sea/Goings on at Number 32Upload
13. A Sticky Time/Private Paddington/Paddington Buys a ShareUpload
1. Paddington Takes a Cut/Anchors Away/Paddington Passes ThroughUpload
2. What's Going on at Number 32/Paddington at the Rock Garden/Trouble in the Bargain BasementUpload
3. Paddington Clocks In/Paddington Goes Swiss/A Day by the SeaUpload
4. House Training/Dare Devil Bear/Paddington the Rock StarUpload
5. The Amazing Paddington/Pirates!/Paddington the HostUpload
6. The Great Escape/The Paddington Files/Paddington the SurveyorUpload
7. Mr. Curry's Birthday Bash/Paddington and the Loch Ness Monster/CopybearUpload
8. Paddington Gets His Money's Worth/Drive Bear Drive/Paddington Delivers the GoodsUpload
9. Paddington the Tour Guide/April Fools/Superstitious PaddingtonUpload
10. The Royal Tour/Gold Rush Paddington/Paddington Calls the ShotsUpload
11. The Spy who Loved Marmalade/Paddington at Wimbledon/Paddington in the ParkUpload
12. One Bear's Treasure/Bear of Style/A Night at the OperaUpload
13. Paddington the Babysitter/Paddington on the Orient Express/Paddington and the Frog of DoomUpload
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