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The Little Lulu Show (1995) subtitles

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imdbThe Little Lulu Show is an animated television series, based on the Marjorie Henderson Buell comic book character Little Lulu. The show was produced by CINAR Animation after Marge's death in 1993, and aired on HBO Family and Cartoon Network in the United States and on, CTV, and the Family Channel in Canada from 1995 to 1999. In Canada, reruns are currently being shown on both the English and French versions of Teletoon Retro. The series centered on the life and adventures of Lulu Moppet and Tubby Thompkins. Between stories, they showed stand-up comedy that Lulu hosted. This show is not to be confused with Little Lulu and Her Little Friends, an anime TV series featuring the same characters made in 1976.

Movie rating: 0.0 / 10 (0)

Season: #1 - #2 - #3 - #unclassified episodes

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AKA: I mikri Lulu

Movie name # DownloadedMovie rating Latest
1. Green Girl/Rainy Day Tag/Beautiful LuluUpload
2. Alvin's Record Player/Lulu's Television Debut/CrybabyUpload
3. Snowball War/Jr. Detective Tubby/Picnic PiratesUpload
4. Gilbert the Gorilla/Snow Business/The Case of the Egg in the ShoeUpload
5. Business Girl/The Pet Duck/Lulu's Umbrella ServiceUpload
6. Friends and Enemies/The Beauty Contest/Rich Little Poor BoyUpload
1. Cannon Ball Boy/Noses Off/Ping Pong PowUpload
2. The Popcorn Thief/The Little Tornado/She Flies Through the AirUpload
3. Tiny Tot's Syrup/The Night Before Christmas/The Piggy Bank GuardUpload
4. Space Kids/The Case of the Disappearing Drum/From Hero to ZeroUpload
5. The Old Master/Swat Shot Pops/Detective StoryUpload
6. The Case of the Missing Wig/Froglegs/A Wrong MoveUpload
7. Special Delivery/Little Sew and Sews/Tubby's DollUpload
11. Oh Christmas Tree/Santa's Snowman/The SnoopersUpload
12. The Big Jewel Robbery/Sweepy Time/Pot Luck/Sick as a Dog/The Spook TreeUpload
13. Valentine's Day/Take a Seat/Gertie Greenbean/Standing on One Leg/Stop Fiddling AroundUpload
14. Lucky Lulu/Beddy-Bye/Pieces of Eight/Windbags/Jumping BeansUpload
15. Alvinsitting/Cat in My Hat/Two Lulus/Baseball Blues/The HatUpload
7. Spaced Out/Switched at Birth/The Great OutdoorsUpload
12. Lulu Stays Put/Up a Tree/Shoeless Lulu/Picture Perfect/Star SearchUpload
15. Iggy and the Ice Cream Factory/Game Show Gaffe/Art FrenzyUpload
19. Dancin' Fools/Sweepy Time/Hop Hazard/Sick as a Dog/Stage FrightUpload
1225x 0.0
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