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60 Minutes (1968) subtitles

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imdb60 Minutes is an American television newsmagazine program that is broadcast on the CBS television network. Launched in 1968, Don Hewitt created the program and set it apart by using a unique style of reporter-centered investigation. In 2002, 60 Minutes was ranked #6 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

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AKA: TV Land Legends: The 60 Minutes Interviews

Movie name # DownloadedMovie rating Latest
0. Bellwood, IllinoisUpload
1. Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey/Art Buchwald/General Ramsey Clark/Cops/Why Man CreatesUpload
2. Germ and Gas Warefare/Red, White, and Maddox/Graham Hill/Richard NixonUpload
3. Episode #1.3Upload
4. Episode #1.4Upload
5. Episode #1.5Upload
6. W. Averell Harriman/Prison Assaults/Dirty Football/Shoplifting/Adam SmithUpload
7. Episode #1.7Upload
8. 1968/Spiro Agnew/The Smothers Brothers/The Most Dangerous Man in EuropeUpload
9. Episode #1.9Upload
10. Cottage for Sale/Hijacking/Viewpoint/Why People MurderUpload
11. The Welfare Mess: Looking for a Way Out/The Billion Dollar Ski Boom/Danny the RedUpload
12. Carnegie Hall for the Hip/What Makes Something or Somebody Ugly?Upload
13. Episode #1.13Upload
14. Episode #1.14Upload
15. Episode #1.15Upload
16. Tora, Tora, Tora/The Clio Awards/American Draft Resisters Living in CanadaUpload
17. Episode #1.17Upload
18. Episode #1.18Upload
19. Episode #1.19Upload
20. Episode #1.20Upload
1. Episode #2.1Upload
2. Episode #2.2Upload
3. Episode #2.3Upload
4. Episode #2.4Upload
5. Episode #2.5Upload
6. Agnew and the PressUpload
7. Episode #2.7Upload
8. Episode #2.8Upload
9. Black Panthers/Combat Art/How Safe is the Pill?Upload
10. Episode #2.10Upload
11. Episode #2.11Upload
12. Episode #2.12Upload
13. Episode #2.13Upload
14. Episode #2.14Upload
15. Episode #2.15Upload
16. Episode #2.16Upload
17. Episode #2.17Upload
18. Walter Hickel/The Mitchells at Home/The Million Dollar PriestUpload
19. White House Tour/Some of Our Children Are Missing/My Lai Follow-UpUpload
20. Episode #2.20Upload
21. Episode #2.21Upload
22. Episode #2.22Upload
23. Episode #2.23Upload
1. Episode #3.1Upload
2. Episode #3.2Upload
3. Episode #3.3Upload
4. Episode #3.4Upload
5. The Kansas Marijuana HarvestUpload
6. Cannery Row/George McGovern/Aaron Copland at 70Upload
7. Episode #3.7Upload
8. Episode #3.8Upload
9. Fellini on Fellini/A National Scandal/Romania's JewsUpload
10. Episode #3.10Upload
11. Episode #3.11Upload
12. Episode #3.12Upload
13. Episode #3.13Upload
14. Episode #3.14Upload
15. Episode #3.15Upload
16. Episode #3.16Upload
17. Episode #3.17Upload
18. Episode #3.18Upload
19. Episode #3.19Upload
1. Episode #4.1Upload
2. Episode #4.2Upload
3. Episode #4.3Upload
4. Episode #4.4Upload
5. Episode #4.5Upload
6. Episode #4.6Upload
7. Episode #4.7Upload
8. Episode #4.8Upload
9. Episode #4.9Upload
10. Episode #4.10Upload
11. Episode #4.11Upload
12. Episode #4.12Upload
13. Will the Real Howard Hughes.../When in Rome/Can Anybody Here Beat Muskie?Upload
14. Episode #4.14Upload
15. Take a Card/What if the Dream Fails?/Willie Royka the JunkmanUpload
16. Fake!/The Unholy War/SkiingUpload
17. Episode #4.17Upload
18. Episode #4.18Upload
19. Episode #4.19Upload
20. Episode #4.20Upload
21. Four Young Americans/Giovanni Agnelli/Clifford Irving, Actor of the YearUpload
22. Episode #4.22Upload
23. Dita/Charlie Chaplin/Death with DignityUpload
24. Episode #4.24Upload
25. Episode #4.25Upload
26. Episode #4.26Upload
27. Episode #4.27Upload
28. Billie Jean/Abortion?/A Wallace RallyUpload
29. Episode #4.29Upload
30. Episode #4.30Upload
31. Episode #4.31Upload
32. Episode #4.32Upload
1. Episode #5.1Upload
2. Episode #5.2Upload
3. Episode #5.3Upload
4. Episode #5.4Upload
5. Episode #5.5Upload
6. Episode #5.6Upload
7. Episode #5.7Upload
8. Episode #5.8Upload
9. Vietnam: January 28, 1973/Goodbye Saigon/Vietnam: Whose War?/Luci and Lynda Remember/Mrs. CopUpload
10. The Selling of Colonel Herbert/Come to BritainUpload
11. Episode #5.11Upload
12. Episode #5.12Upload
13. Episode #5.13Upload
14. Episode #5.14Upload
15. Episode #5.15Upload
16. Episode #5.16Upload
17. Episode #5.17Upload
18. Episode #5.18Upload
19. Episode #5.19Upload
20. Episode #5.20Upload
21. Episode #5.21Upload
22. Episode #5.22Upload
23. Episode #5.23Upload
24. Episode #5.24Upload
25. Episode #5.25Upload
26. Episode #5.26Upload
27. Episode #5.27Upload
28. Episode #5.28Upload
29. Episode #5.29Upload
30. Listening in Nixon Country/Not So Special Delivery/Selling of the Soviet PentagonUpload
31. Monroe, Mailer, and the Fast Buck/Whatever Happened to the Suez Canal?/What Makes Bobby Run?/Billie JeanUpload
32. Episode #5.32Upload
33. Episode #5.33Upload
34. Episode #5.34Upload
35. Episode #5.35Upload
36. Episode #5.36Upload
37. Episode #5.37Upload
38. Episode #5.38Upload
39. Episode #5.39Upload
1. Episode #6.1Upload
2. The Press Junket/Woody/The Oil GameUpload
3. Episode #6.3Upload
4. Episode #6.4Upload
5. Episode #6.5Upload
6. Episode #6.6Upload
7. Oil and the Shah of Iran/Who Owns the Canyon?/A British ElectionUpload
8. Episode #6.8Upload
9. Episode #6.9Upload
10. Episode #6.10Upload
11. Laetrile: Cure or Quackery/That Cosmo Girl/I Was Only Following OrdersUpload
12. Episode #6.12Upload
13. Episode #6.13Upload
14. Episode #6.14Upload
15. Episode #6.15Upload
16. Episode #6.16Upload
17. Episode #6.17Upload
18. Episode #6.18Upload
19. Episode #6.19Upload
20. Episode #6.20Upload
21. Episode #6.21Upload
22. Episode #6.22Upload
23. Episode #6.23Upload
24. Episode #6.24Upload
25. Episode #6.25Upload
26. Episode #6.26Upload
27. Episode #6.27Upload
28. Episode #6.28Upload
29. The Nixon YearsUpload
30. Episode #6.30Upload
31. Episode #6.31Upload
1. Episode #7.1Upload
2. Episode #7.2Upload
3. Episode #7.3Upload
4. Land Fraud/Harlem/Mengers' the Name, Hollywood's the GameUpload
5. Episode #7.5Upload
6. Episode #7.6Upload
7. Episode #7.7Upload
8. Episode #7.8Upload
9. Episode #7.9Upload
10. Game Shows/Can Marriage Survive?/Here Comes the SludgeUpload
11. Episode #7.11Upload
12. Episode #7.12Upload
13. Episode #7.13Upload
14. Episode #7.14Upload
15. War on Ice/The Woman/Edward R. MurrowUpload
16. Episode #7.16Upload
17. Episode #7.17Upload
18. Episode #7.18Upload
19. Episode #7.19Upload
20. Episode #7.20Upload
21. Episode #7.21Upload
22. Episode #7.22Upload
23. Episode #7.23Upload
24. Episode #7.24Upload
25. Episode #7.25Upload
26. Episode #7.26Upload
27. Episode #7.27Upload
28. Episode #7.28Upload
29. Judy/The Ultra SecretUpload
30. Episode #7.30Upload
31. Episode #7.31Upload
32. Episode #7.32Upload
33. Episode #7.33Upload
34. Episode #7.34Upload
1. Secret Service Agent #9/Uncle Sam Wants You/Underground at Ground ZeroUpload
2. Warning: May Be Fatal/Rubinstein/Mister RightUpload
3. Air Safety/Private Security Guards/Getting Rich on MedicaidUpload
4. Episode #8.4Upload
5. Episode #8.5Upload
6. Episode #8.6Upload
7. Episode #8.7Upload
8. Episode #8.8Upload
9. Episode #8.9Upload
10. Episode #8.10Upload
11. Rural Justice/Wildcat Trucker/The Case Against CollegeUpload
12. Episode #8.12Upload
13. Episode #8.13Upload
14. Episode #8.14Upload
15. Episode #8.15Upload
16. Heart Attack!/The Kids from Council Bluffs/HippiesUpload
17. Norman Lear, Norman Lear/Have the Teamsters Bought Alaska?/HoffaUpload
18. Episode #8.18Upload
19. Episode #8.19Upload
20. Episode #8.20Upload
21. Episode #8.21Upload
22. Episode #8.22Upload
23. Episode #8.23Upload
24. Episode #8.24Upload
25. Episode #8.25Upload
26. Tokyo Rose/Communism, Italian Style/Two Can Live as Cheaply as OneUpload
27. Episode #8.27Upload
28. Episode #8.28Upload
29. Episode #8.29Upload
30. Episode #8.30Upload
31. Episode #8.31Upload
32. Episode #8.32Upload
33. Episode #8.33Upload
1. Episode #9.1Upload
2. Episode #9.2Upload
3. Unions, Money, and Politics/Something Rotten in Arizona/OrianaUpload
4. Episode #9.4Upload
5. Episode #9.5Upload
6. Episode #9.6Upload
7. Episode #9.7Upload
8. Episode #9.8Upload
9. Episode #9.9Upload
10. Episode #9.10Upload
11. Victims/What's with Iceland?/Ronald ReaganUpload
12. Episode #9.12Upload
13. Episode #9.13Upload
14. Episode #9.14Upload
15. Episode #9.15Upload
16. Episode #9.16Upload
17. Episode #9.17Upload
18. Episode #9.18Upload
19. Episode #9.19Upload
20. Episode #9.20Upload
21. Episode #9.21Upload
22. Episode #9.22Upload
23. Episode #9.23Upload
24. Episode #9.24Upload
25. Target: J.P. Stevens/Ivory Tower Cop/NatashaUpload
26. Episode #9.26Upload
27. Episode #9.27Upload
28. Episode #9.28Upload
29. Episode #9.29Upload
30. Episode #9.30Upload
31. Episode #9.31Upload
32. Episode #9.32Upload
33. Episode #9.33Upload
34. Episode #9.34Upload
35. Episode #9.35Upload
36. Episode #9.36Upload
37. Episode #9.37Upload
38. Episode #9.38Upload
39. Episode #9.39Upload
40. Old Black Flo/Yanks in Iran/Ivory Tower CopUpload
41. Mommy, Why Me?/Diamonds/The Ultra SecretUpload
42. None of Your Damned Business/Hollywood on the Potomac/Who Am I?Upload
43. Inside the CIA/The America's CupUpload
44. Episode #9.44Upload
45. Episode #9.45Upload
46. Episode #9.46Upload
47. Episode #9.47Upload
48. Episode #9.48Upload
49. Episode #9.49Upload
1. Episode #10.1Upload
2. Episode #10.2Upload
3. Episode #10.3Upload
4. Episode #10.4Upload
5. Episode #10.5Upload
6. Episode #10.6Upload
7. Episode #10.7Upload
8. Episode #10.8Upload
9. Episode #10.9Upload
10. Episode #10.10Upload
11. Episode #10.11Upload
12. Episode #10.12Upload
13. Episode #10.13Upload
14. The First Lady/The Delicate Balance/Bon VoyageUpload
15. Episode #10.15Upload
16. Episode #10.16Upload
17. Episode #10.17Upload
18. Episode #10.18Upload
19. Episode #10.19Upload
20. How to Succeed.../Why is Farrah Smiling?/Yanks in PolandUpload
21. Episode #10.21Upload
22. Episode #10.22Upload
23. Episode #10.23Upload
24. Episode #10.24Upload
25. Episode #10.25Upload
26. The Castro Connection?/Why Can't Johnny Read?/The Little Town That TriedUpload
27. Power Thieves/Words by E.Y. Harburg/YugoslaviaUpload
28. Jehan Sadat/Car Thief/Who Fouled Joe CaldwellUpload
29. Your Money or Your Life/The Wilmington/Bugs Are a Negative FactorUpload
30. A Matter of Degrees/The Cocaine Memorandum/Your Right to Say ItUpload
31. Terror InternationalUpload
32. The $4 Billion Lunch/The Music of Auschwitz/Boss of the Big AppleUpload
33. Old, Middle Class, and Broke/Disco/A Better IdeaUpload
34. Take the Money and Run/Backgammon/Vladmir HorowitzUpload
35. The Secret War/33 Kids and a Horse/Hostage CopUpload
36. William Colby/Pumping GoldUpload
37. Tax Revolt/Crime... And Very Little Punishment/George WallaceUpload
38. Our Little Miss/Reverend Jackson/GriefUpload
39. Morarji Desai/Why Can't Johnny Read?/Words by E.Y. HarburgUpload
40. Episode #10.40Upload
41. Episode #10.41Upload
42. The Hour of Power/How to Succeed.../Bon VoyageUpload
43. Episode #10.43Upload
44. The Arabs Are Coming/Now Hear This/Con GameUpload
45. Phobias/Kidnapping Italian Style/Talk to the AnimalsUpload
46. What Makes Fritz Run/A Dose of Reality/BackgammonUpload
47. No Kids Allowed/Valium/HiroshimaUpload
48. Mixed Marriages/Pirate's Lady/Out of This WorldUpload
49. Ghost Surgery/Disco/A Man Called L'AmourUpload
50. Angel Dust-PCP/The Delicate Balance/Photo by KarshUpload
51. Car Thief/A Matter of Degrees/The Music of AuschwitzUpload
52. Take the Money and Run/Our Town/Whatever Happened to Civil DefenseUpload
53. This Year at Murrieta/Fifty Minutes/The West BankUpload
1. The Rating Game/Tokyo Police/EubieUpload
2. Highway Robbery/The Thorpe Affair/What About JerusalemUpload
3. The Diamond Scam/Help Wanted/Palestinian-AmericanUpload
4. GLACAA/Betcha/Too Old? Sez Who?Upload
5. Who Got Gunnar/Rampal!/Lord Lew of Show BizUpload
6. Brother Roloff/The Glory That Was Rome/Our Three PatientsUpload
7. Moving/Looking Guilty/VigilantesUpload
8. Putting Out the Fire/Sam Cummings, Arms Merchant/You've Come a Long Way, BabyUpload
9. Noah/Iran/Limited EditionUpload
10. The New Time Religion/For Sale/Roman PolanskiUpload
11. Do You Take This Man/Pops/CalcuttaUpload
12. Taking on the Teamsters/Remember Pearl Harbor/From Burgers to BankruptcyUpload
13. West Coast Story/Doctor, Are You Hooked/Fat... And Proud of ItUpload
14. Space Wars/Somoza/Minority FrontUpload
15. The Chinese of Singapore/The Faces of Christ/Dollars and ScentsUpload
16. We're Number One/Behind the Cane Curtain/I'm an AmericanUpload
17. Another Elvis/In the Mainstream/So You Want to Write a BookUpload
18. Katharine Hepburn/Stop! Police!/Paper BlizzardUpload
19. Abu Dhabi/Around the Horn/34 Years After HitlerUpload
20. Heavy Traffic/The Count/Soak the PoorUpload
21. Brown Lung/Protecting the Witness/Charity Begins at HomeUpload
22. Petropesos/It's a Long Way to Furudu/The RatUpload
23. Misha/The Great American Oil Swindle/Whose Home on the RangeUpload
24. Who Stole Superman/Pete Rose/Mugged!Upload
25. Runaways Throwaway/Our Secret Army/HustlerUpload
26. Backstage at the Muppets/The Search for Dr. Mengele/Roger Baldwin at 95Upload
27. Arafta/What About the Teacher/Murrow, McCarthy 1954Upload
28. The Thornwall File/The West Bank/The Chief JusticeUpload
29. Setting the Record Straight/Keeping of the Green/VanessaUpload
30. No One Ever Went Broke.../Dear Uncle Sam/GAOUpload
31. God and Mammon/JFK/House for SaleUpload
32. Zimbabwe: The Other Side/Ted Turner/ChiropractorsUpload
33. Here's... Johnny/The National Front/Heavy TrafficUpload
34. Arthur Ashe/The Thorpe Affair/Charge!Upload
35. Doping the Horses/Pops/Highway RobberyUpload
36. Inflation Fighter/Malta/Minority FrontsUpload
37. Vigilantes/Help Wanted/It's a Long Way to FuruduUpload
38. Episode #11.38Upload
39. Episode #11.39Upload
40. Barbara Jordan/Protecting the Witness/Space WarsUpload
41. The Island/Working Blind/The Great America Oil SwindleUpload
42. Our Secret Army/Who Stole Superman/EubieUpload
43. Whose Home on the Range/Noah/That New Time in ReligionUpload
44. 34 Years After Hitler/Hustler/Do You Take This ManUpload
45. Doctor, Are You Hooked/Lord Lew of Show Biz/BackgammonUpload
46. Misha/Charity Begins at Home/Around the HornUpload
47. Moving/Croquet/The Search for Dr. MengeleUpload
48. Doping the Horses/In the Mainstream/Another ElvisUpload
49. Vanessa/The Music of Auschwitz/Vanessa & FaniaUpload
50. Chiropractors/Katharine Hepburn/Keeping of the GreenUpload
51. Episode #11.51Upload
52. GLACAA/The Thornwell File/What Energy Crisis?Upload
1. On Trial for Murder/Palm Springs/Jesse Jackson & Billy GrahamUpload
2. Anita O'Day, Free Guilty Persons, Rolls-Royce factoryUpload
1. 22 September, 1980Upload
1. 21 September, 1981Upload
1. 20 September, 1982Upload
1. 5 Dec. 1983Upload
2. Korematsu v. The U.S.Upload
1. One Third of a NationUpload
2. The DefectorUpload
3. Episode #18.3Upload
1. Liza Minnelli, Xavier SuarezUpload
2. Lourdes/The Dirtiest River/It's a Gamble/A Few Minutes with Andy RooneyUpload
3. Kurt Waldheim, Anchorman/Donny and Marie/The $500 Million LoanUpload
4. Wouldn't Anyone Listen?/Moscow U/The Last Nazi/A Few Minutes with Andy RooneyUpload
0. Episode #20.0Upload
1. Yahoo Serious Interviews Himself (A Satire)Upload
2. Jocelyn EldersUpload
0. Episode #22.0Upload
1. Voyage of Discovery/Almost Drowned/The Old Man of AfricaUpload
2. Alpro/Dr. Day is Quitting/Taylor's KidsUpload
3. Taking on New York/Delia/Dick GregoryUpload
4. It's Better in the Bahamas/Harm's Way/The Swiss ArmyUpload
5. My Turn/Gina's in Hiding/Herb and His AirlineUpload
6. Joyce Ann Brown is Still in Jail/Felix Rodriguez/63,000,000 ConstituentsUpload
7. Telling the Truth/D.I./The Hyde SolutionUpload
8. U.S.S. Iowa/Water, Water Everywhere/Beefing Up the ForceUpload
9. Parent Abuse/Miles/El Presidente?Upload
10. Hollywood and the Mob/Till Death Do Us Part/Israel and the IntifadaUpload
11. 40,000 a Day/Betty Miller/Back to PalermoUpload
12. Manhunt/Eartha Kitt/A View from the Other SideUpload
13. The Last Gulag/Come to HarlemUpload
14. Citizen Keating/Who Killed Rudolph Hess?/King RichardUpload
15. Curtain Call/Liza Minnelli/Vladimir HorowitzUpload
16. Comic Genius/Helen Hayes/The BeebUpload
17. Father George Stallings/Justice in a Company Town/Lee Kuan YewUpload
18. Needle Park/Whiz Kid/MelindaUpload
19. Death Row/The Zoo/Leigh SteinbergUpload
20. The Glaser Family/The McMartin Preschool/Retin-AUpload
21. Nelson Mandela/Joseph Stalin/All AmericanUpload
22. Chernobyl/Stealth/Grand CentralUpload
23. Ivan the Terrible/Yummies/Colman GennUpload
24. Earth First/The Chunnel/The Gospel According to SaxonUpload
25. Prince Bandar/The Spraying of L.A./King JordanUpload
26. Who Shot Ernestine Perea?/Banking on the Poor/Martin SheenUpload
27. The Walkers/The Teacher is a Cheater/Bug ManUpload
28. Night Sight/Yalta/TroubleUpload
29. Slava/Good-bye Hong Kong/Fireman Save My Job!Upload
30. Wait 'Til You See East St. Louis/Thy Brother's Keeper/The Airplane KidsUpload
1. Who Killed Gerald Bull?/Charles Dutton/Genuine FakesUpload
2. The Sergeant Major/This House is a Steal/Dr. BrooksUpload
3. Victims of Just Cause/The National Enquirer/A Yen for Washington/Mr. GermanyUpload
4. Terror and Torture/Project 2000Upload
5. The Mayor of Jerusalem/Richard Sproules/Aretha FranklinUpload
6. Iran, Iraq and the U.S./Blonde Ambition/Ward 5AUpload
7. Salman Rushdie/Who Killed George Polk?/I Know It When I See ItUpload
8. Iraq's Nuclear Weapons Program/Bad Cops/Vilis KruzeUpload
9. If Push Comes to Shove/I Thought I Was Covered/TraficantUpload
10. Apache/Kim Hardy May Go to Prison/Na ZdoroveUpload
11. Keep Your Mouth Shut/Oliver's Story/Friday Night LightsUpload
12. The Temple Mount Killings/Dutch Treat II/The CoachUpload
13. Cream Puff/Michael McGee of Milwaukee/My Grandmother, the LawyerUpload
14. Is There Poison in Your Mouth?/StingUpload
15. Winners and Losers/Jose Carreras/TV Millions CorporationUpload
16. All in the Family/Acid Rain/The Greatest Thing Since Sliced BreadUpload
17. Shell Shock/Old Enough to Kill/Paul SimonUpload
18. Iraqi Terror/Body Snatchers?/Cumberland FarmsUpload
19. Saddam's Bodyguard/The Man Who Armed Iraq/Inferno/Iraqi TerrorUpload
20. Stormin' Norman/Chemical Warfare/The Secret of the Gara Mountains/The Best Stuff/Iran, Iraq and the U.S.Upload
21. The German Connection/Moscow/The PalestiniansUpload
22. The Saudis/Jane's/Tuning In/Red Cross BloodUpload
23. A Letter from Jermarr/Piece of the Pie/Waddington TVUpload
24. Waiting to Go Home/Becky's Story/Gulf War UpdateUpload
25. Free at Last!/Werner Erhard/My Family is MissingUpload
26. Another Saddam?/The Moscow Mystique/The Birmingham SixUpload
27. Washington Monument/Frank Rich/That's the LawUpload
28. Saddam's Billions/The Numbers Game/The Trials of Michael DowdUpload
29. Raw Land, Ray Deal/The New Plantations/School for JudgesUpload
30. Brucification/Stray Voltage/Watch Out for Herman WriceUpload
31. Children for Sale/Sins of Their Father/Nixon and RussiaUpload
32. You Own It!/War Games/Susanne Logan's StoryUpload
33. Who Are the Kurds?/Senator Alphonse D'Amato/Hawaiian AirlinesUpload
34. Oxford House/Prison U./U.S. MarshalUpload
35. Clark M. Clifford/Playing War/Doctor FormanUpload
36. It Didn't Have to Happen/Reunification/Casablanca/Harry ReasonerUpload
37. Danger/Vietnam 101/The Brady BunchUpload
38. RU-486/Underworld/Blonde AmbitionUpload
39. This House is a Steal/Dr. Brooks/The PollardsUpload
40. Mustard Gas/Mayor Moran/ManhuntUpload
41. Retrospective on the Soviet UnionUpload
42. Bad Cops/I Know It When I See It/Needle ParkUpload
43. Genuine Fakes/My Grandmother, the Lawyer/Who Killed George Polk?Upload
44. Becky's Story/Paul Simon/The Trials of Michael DowdUpload
45. I Thought I Was Covered/Salman Rushdie/Geronimo PrattUpload
46. Ward 5A/Oliver's Story/My Family is MissingUpload
47. The Walkers/Dutch Treat II/Acid RainUpload
48. Saddam's Billions/Brucification/Harry ReasonerUpload
49. All in the Family/Keep Your Mouth Shut/Ten Extraordinary WomenUpload
50. What Now?/The Numbers Game/A Question of MercyUpload
51. Project 2000/Jack Lemmon/War GamesUpload
52. Room 19/Cream Puff/A Letter from JermarrUpload
1. Made in China/Epidemic/Live or DieUpload
2. The Secret Life of Dennis Levine/Thoral Sundt, M.D./The Last Sioux BraveUpload
3. The Trials of Juanita/The KGB/1-800-Con-ManUpload
4. The EntertainersUpload
5. I Remember Daddy/Rush/Public School or Private School: ChoiceUpload
6. The 'Trashing' of Clayton Hartwig/Minister of Foreign Affairs/The Poison UmbrellaUpload
7. What About Prozac?/Texas Rules/Welfare for the WealthyUpload
8. No MSG/Plugging the Leaks/George Bush vs. George BushUpload
9. Friendly Fire/Norplant/Easy Money in Hard TimesUpload
10. Saddam's Secrets/The French Paradox/The Psycho SquadUpload
11. The Teamsters/Barbra/Just Another Killing?Upload
12. Smoking to Live/Camille/Getting Away with MurderUpload
13. Mississippi Christmas Tree/Sound of Music/Fur or AgainstUpload
14. Halcion/The Great Dane/Take the Money and RunUpload
15. Hussein & Hussein/Eric Ramsey of Auburn/JessyeUpload
16. Georgia/MEA/Rikers IslandUpload
17. Time Bombs/Murder She Writes/Children of the Berlin WallUpload
18. Black Market Babies/Don't Leave Home/ColinUpload
19. The World's Biggest Shopping Spree/Nayirah/Charlotte AustinUpload
20. Governor & Mrs. ClintonUpload
21. Anita Hill/Lambs of Christ/The Russians Are ComingUpload
22. Bang, Bang, You're Dead/Buy American/Mirror, Mirror on the WallUpload
23. The Sting/Damn Yankees/Car SeatsUpload
24. Saddam's Killing Fields/Life, Death and Politics/Malcolm XUpload
25. Red Cell/Dr. Mengele's Laboratory/Oregon PlanUpload
26. Another Karen Silwood?/Neil Simon/American Gothic Gone MadUpload
27. Bill and Kathy Swan/Heeere's Jay Leno!/Yusef SalaamUpload
28. Emily's List/Mob Girl/Leonardo Mercado Is DeadUpload
29. Kissinger/Speilberg/H. Ross PerotUpload
30. You're Under Arrest/Lost in Bel Air/G-DogUpload
31. Ripping Off the System/The Menuhins/Prime Time SheriffUpload
32. Noriega/Arthur Ashe/ApacheUpload
33. Mr. Robinson/The New Nazis/A Gem of an IdeaUpload
34. The Chief/The New Chief/Frequent FlyerUpload
35. The Decision/Wally World/Doctor's DilemmaUpload
36. Heart to Heart/Made in the USSR/Here's... JohnnyUpload
37. The Last Sioux Brave?/Sound of Music/Take the Money and RunUpload
38. Nomenklatura/Jesus/George Bush vs. George BushUpload
39. Hussein & Hussein/Damn Yankees/Stray VoltageUpload
40. Yeltsin/Negligent Doctors/Ivan the Terrible?Upload
41. Zapped!/The Russians Are Coming/No MSGUpload
42. Epidemic/Heeere's Jay Leno!/Mississippi Christmas TreeUpload
43. I Thought I Was Covered/Camille/Welfare for the WealthyUpload
44. Friendly Fire/The French Paradox/Anita HillUpload
45. Time Bombs/Buy American/Black Market BabiesUpload
46. Made in China/Lost in Bel Air/Plugging the LeaksUpload
47. What Price Genius?/Mirror, Mirror on the Wall/Rikers IslandUpload
48. The Oregon Plan/Children of the Berlin Wall/Washington MonumentUpload
49. Life, Death and Politics/Secret Life of Dennis Levine/MEAUpload
50. The Lambs of Christ/1-800-Con Man/SpielbergUpload
51. Barbra/You're Under Arrest/Sins of the FatherUpload
52. Thoral Sundt, M.D./Nayirah/The MenuhinsUpload
1. Gay Cops/Class of '71/Growing Up in L.A.Upload
2. Saddam's Banker/Clean Air, Clean Water, Dirty Fight/Movie MavericksUpload
3. Hire/Mr. President/The Cure That KilledUpload
4. Made in the USA/Acceptable Risks/You're KiddingUpload
5. Hell on Earth/Larry King/Senor Presidente?Upload
6. Why Did He Quit?/The Battlefield/As Simple as Black & WhiteUpload
7. The Chairman/Camille Paglia/China SyndromeUpload
8. Lincoln Electric/Caitlin's Story/Kirk DouglasUpload
9. Cleaning Up/Act-Up/A Matter of InterestUpload
10. Woody Allen/Johnny D/Hard ChoicesUpload
11. Parricide/To Catch a Thief/Richard the LionheartedUpload
12. The Forgotten Hostage/Down-Home Diva/Family CrimesUpload
13. Cigar/Wild Man of West 96th Street/Forensic PathologistUpload
14. Some of His Best Friends Are.../Pan Am 103/Hud-GateUpload
15. Jehovah's Witnesses/Piney Woods/Rx DrugsUpload
16. Ameena/The Orange Juice Man/Top GunUpload
17. Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Harassment/Nureyev & Diz/A Tale of Two CitiesUpload
18. A Hand in the Till/The Octopus/This Happy BreedUpload
19. The Year of the Woman/Playboy: The Princess of Playboy/Michael Carey, M.D.Upload
20. Camille/Texas Rules/Donna & Ricardo's BabyUpload
21. War Criminal?/Alive and Well in Quincy/Tango FinlandiaUpload
22. Medical Miracle/Whoopi/The Economy, StupidUpload
23. Totaled/Dancing Feet/Just Say YesUpload
24. Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Field of Dreams/CallahanUpload
25. Lloyd's of London/Brezhnev's Daughter/The Reverend SharptonUpload
26. How Did He Get Here?/Tearing of the Green/Massacre at El MozoteUpload
27. The Archbishop/Odds Are/The Jesuit MurdersUpload
28. The Informers/Hongcouver/Officer HardingUpload
29. The Rainbow Curriculum/The Man with the Golden Arm/YeltsinUpload
30. Ten Will Get You Five/The Last Governor/Joint VentureUpload
31. Dragon Head/The Old School Tie/Sidney RittenbergUpload
32. Macho, Tough and Gay/Equal But Separate/Cell Block 3AUpload
33. Coming to America/John Silber of Boston University/The Great White ChiefUpload
34. Buying Time/Gospel According to Luke/Are You Covered?Upload
35. Rock Newman/Class of '71/This Land Is My LandUpload
36. Flight 870/Fountain of Youth/Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & HarassmentUpload
37. A Gem of an Idea/Come to Harlem/Common GroundUpload
38. Gay Cops/Whoopi/Clean Air, Clean Water, Dirty FightUpload
39. The Cure That Killed/Movie Mavericks/The Year of the WomanUpload
40. Totaled/To Catch a Thief/Act-UpUpload
41. Richard the Lionhearted/The Forgotten Hostage/Forensic PathologistUpload
42. Sins of Their Fathers/A Tale of Two Cities/MelindaUpload
43. Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Caitlin's Story/The World's Biggest Shopping SpreeUpload
44. Cigar Sacco/Callahan/Medical MiracleUpload
45. Michael Carey, M.D./Tango Finlandia/The Orange Juice ManUpload
46. Johnny D/Camille Paglia/Ten Will Get You FiveUpload
47. Live or Die?/Mr. President/You're Under ArrestUpload
48. The Archbishop/Spielberg/Wild Man of West 96th StreetUpload
49. How Did He Get Here?/The Battlefield/The InformersUpload
50. Mustard Gas/Macho, Tough, and Gay/Don't Leave HomeUpload
51. Equal But Separate/Lloyd's of London/Field of DreamsUpload
52. Pelican Bay/Cleaning Up/China SyndromeUpload
1. Waste and Fraud/Yes... But Is It Art?/Blood MoneyUpload
2. Doesn't Anybody Care?/Pavarotti/The Most Promising Treatment?Upload
3. Fidel Castro's Health Plan/Nauru/North of the BorderUpload
4. Arms and the Women/Jack the Ripper?/Readin', Writin' and CommercialsUpload
5. Rogue Cop/The $12 Billion Cleanup/Shadow of DoubtUpload
6. The Gauntlet/Bob Dole of Kansas/Law and DisorderUpload
7. Is the Nuclear Nightmare Over?/A Few Good White Men/Lost in TranslationUpload
8. Monsta/Help Wanted/Dave BarryUpload
9. 25 Years of 60 MinutesUpload
10. The CIA's Cocaine/Tin Man/The CommandantUpload
11. In Good Hands?/Operation Swordfish/Bankrupt in FloridaUpload
12. Yasser's Cops/Gustavo De Greiff/Welfare for the Well-OffUpload
13. General Sergeyev/I-551/Mitch Snyder's LegacyUpload
14. Capitol Games/Mrs. Arafat/Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymoreUpload
15. Crime & Punishment/No Miss/The Mad Woman of SrebrenicaUpload
16. Swindle/Who Am I?/A Hero?Upload
17. The Jewish Intifada?/The Chief/Nasty GirlUpload
18. My Name Is Tonya Harding/Three Days in Beirut/Getting RichUpload
19. A Free Ride/Born in the USA/DynastyUpload
20. Fellini/Paul Simon/Paris Was YesterdayUpload
21. The Education of Luis Gutierrez/The Getaway Drivers/Rob ReinerUpload
22. Parachute Lawyer/Changing the Odds/Another Chernobyl?Upload
23. Randy Shilts/Less Than a Miracle/No CommentUpload
24. Paul Hill/On the Money/The Jewish Intifada?Upload
25. Fingered/'A' Is for Abstinence/The Mad Russian?Upload
26. Subcomandante Marcos/Dwayne Sexton/The State vs. James HammUpload
27. Who Says It Never Happened?/Mel White's Secret/Testing, Testing, TestingUpload
28. Up in Smoke/Semipalatinsk/Maxine WatersUpload
29. The Final Four/Street Crime: Africa Style/It Pays to AdvertiseUpload
30. The Commodities Game/The Girl Next Door/A Very English AudienceUpload
31. Memories/Nightmare in Haiti/TKOUpload
32. Solzhenitsyn/Right on Fred Zain!/Richard NixonUpload
33. Chelsea... On the Rocks/Fast Money/Not in My BackyardUpload
34. Never Too Late?/South of the Border/The Sound of MusicUpload
35. Blue Cross Blue Shield/I Solemnly Swear/The $64 Dollar QuestionUpload
36. A Billion Here, a Billion There.../Go Back Where You Came From/This Land Is My LandUpload
37. Heart to Heart/The Oregon Plan/Medal of HonorUpload
38. The Agenda/The Ultra Secret/White BacklashUpload
39. Yasser's Cops/The Rosewood Massacre/Pelican BayUpload
40. Kimberly's Story/Arms and the Woman/Parachute LawyerUpload
41. The Chunnel/Tin Man/BarbraUpload
42. Halcion/Paul Hill/The $12 Billion Clean UpUpload
43. Swindle/Nasty Girl/Bankrupt in FloridaUpload
44. Made in the USA/American Gothic Gone Mad/Randy ShiltsUpload
45. Yes... But Is It Art?/Question of Mercy/A Few Good White MenUpload
46. Monsta/Pavarotti/I-551Upload
47. Three Days in Beirut/Never Too Late?/The Lambs of Christ?Upload
48. Blue Cross Blue Shield/Fingered/Fidel Castro's Health PlanUpload
49. Subcomandante Marcos/TKO/The Getaway DriversUpload
50. Semipalatinsk/Mel White's Secret/The Cure That KilledUpload
51. Senor Presidente?/The Sound of Music/The Girl Next DoorUpload
1. The Killers/Bud McFarlane/A Matter of HonorUpload
2. Operation Just Cause/Wampum Wonderland/Routine Blood TestUpload
3. The New Black Power/So You Want to Do Business in Russia?/F.O.B.?Upload
4. An Exercise in Hypocrisy/Million Dollar Babies/Making a BabyUpload
5. The Spoils of War/Anthony Hopkins/Closing UpUpload
6. The Gene from Limone/Enough/F-22Upload
7. Skunk Works/DNA/The Ugly Face of FreedomUpload
8. Going, Going, Gone/N.O.P.D. Blues/P.J. O'RourkeUpload
9. Jennifer and Everardo/Made in the USA/Kiryas Joel 10950 New YorkUpload
10. The Notebook/The Wrong Man?/Rolling StonesUpload
11. The President's Lawyer/Cracking Down/Whose Life Is It Anyway?Upload
12. Arms Supermarket/Death Wish/Femme FataleUpload
13. Why?/The Ladies from Kapooka/CrusaderUpload
14. Corruption, Inc./Behind the Seams/Hanan AshrawiUpload
15. The Sarcophagus/Prince of Broadway/Father & SonUpload
16. The EntertainersUpload
17. 70 Years Old/HIV Positive/Witness for the ProsecutionUpload
18. What About Orphanages?/Cecilia/The VogelsUpload
19. Pelican Bay/Anna Deavere Smith/Life & Death in an Irish TownUpload
20. Don't Count Them Out/On the Square?/We Are the ChurchUpload
21. What Assault Weapons Ban?/Summer Camp/Tom Daschle Is MissingUpload
22. Operation Restore Aristide/Infomercials/Who Shall Overcome?Upload
23. President Phil Gramm?/Did He, or Didn't He?/Some of Our Planes Are MissingUpload
24. Highway Robbery/Get Real/E-SystemsUpload
25. Derivatives/The Language Factor/Washington StationUpload
26. Gulf War Syndrome/Fender Benders/He Says, She SaysUpload
27. Confessions of a Tobacco Lobbyist/Causes Unknown/Kurt MasurUpload
28. Last Rights/Michael Marcum/Lisa Herdahl vs. Pontotoc CountyUpload
29. Tales from the Dirty War/Welcome Back Mrs. Khadder/No Joy in MudvilleUpload
30. The Second Wave/Are They Worth It/StradivariUpload
31. The World According to George/Shoko Asahara/The CatholicsUpload
32. President Clinton/The Michigan Militia/Can We Prevent Another One?Upload
33. Up Against the Wal-Mart/Battered/The ResisterUpload
34. Operation Star Watch/The Crooner/ChipsUpload
35. What Really Happened?/Christiane Amanpour/The Axman ComethUpload
36. The Pentagon Turned Its Back on Them/Absolutely Fabulous/Flight 712/Riccardo MutiUpload
37. DNA/Tin Man/A Sweet DealUpload
38. Thalidomide/N.O.P.D. Blues/NPRUpload
39. Mr. Robinson/They're Her Elephants/Jennifer and EverardoUpload
40. Don't Count Them Out/Wampum Wonderland/The VogelsUpload
41. Corruption, Inc./Infomercials/Routine Blood TestUpload
42. The Spoils of War/Skunk Works/Going, Going, GoneUpload
43. What Assault Weapons Ban?/The Second Wave/Life & Death in an Irish TownUpload
44. The Gene from Limone/The Sarcophagus/Death WishUpload
45. Rolling Stones/Confessions of a Tobacco Lobbyist/DerivativesUpload
46. The Getaway Drivers/What About Orphanages?/StradivariUpload
47. Femme Fatale/Summer Camp/E-SystemsUpload
48. Last Rights/Lisa Herdahl vs. Pontotoc County/Politics Taiwan StyleUpload
49. Gulf War Syndrome/Behind the Seams/A Letter from JermarrUpload
50. Harry Wu/Dwayne Sexton/CrusaderUpload
51. Up Against the Wall-Mart/70 Years Old/The CIA's CocaineUpload
52. The Women/In Over His Head/An Exercise in HypocrisyUpload
1. Saddam's Son/Wanted/Andre AgassiUpload
2. The Chief/Too Good to Be True?/Ben BradleeUpload
3. Packing a Gun/Comrade Ambassador/HMOUpload
4. What About Vince Foster/The Other America/Stars on the Parallel BarsUpload
5. The Blue Wall of Silence/Take Me Out to the Ball Game/The Worst NightmareUpload
6. The Boy Who Knew Too Much/Back on Broadway/Women at Risk?Upload
7. Deadbeat Dad/Madam Speaker/Land MinesUpload
8. Yitzhak Rabin/Racial Tracking/To Your HealthUpload
9. Cigarettes/Car Talk/SouthburyUpload
10. Over There/One Voice/A Hole in His HeadUpload
11. Life... By Transplant/Come Blow Your Horn/Unsportsmanlike ConductUpload
12. Toto Constant/Martha Stewart/The Last Time We Saw ParisUpload
13. The President/Who Poisoned Maryann/Pay Attention!Upload
14. Cash Now Die Later/Earthquakes, Riots, and Now the Subway/Capital Hill NineUpload
15. Welcome Back Mrs. Khadder/Nadja/Jennifer and EverardoUpload
16. Thoralf Sundt, M.D./Subcomandante Marcos/Randy ShiltsUpload
17. The Engineer/Yo-Yo Ma/White Collar BluesUpload
18. An American Dilemma/Sacks/KidnappedUpload
19. Starved to Death/Springsteen/January 28, 1986Upload
20. Down-Home Diva/Curtain Call/George BurnsUpload
21. Jeffrey Wigand, PhD/Richard LeakeyUpload
22. Say It Isn't So.../Shoot Not to Kill/Too Tough?Upload
23. Germ Warfare/A Fine Kettle of Fish/$12 Billion Piggy BankUpload
24. Change of Address/Family Values/Not Your Average Case of ArsonUpload
25. The Next First Lady?/Prison Rape/What Makes Steve Run?Upload
26. Mousa Abu Marzook/Mike Nichols/Tipping the Scales/George BurnsUpload
27. The Greatest/American Enterprise/Area 51: Catch 22Upload
28. Blowing Smoke/A Woman of Substance/The Bicycle ClubUpload
29. The Letter/ImusUpload
30. Easy Money in Hard Times/The Mormons/Spike LeeUpload
31. Farrakhan/Spitting ImageUpload
32. Do You Really Want to Know?/One Child's Labor/One Survivor RemembersUpload
33. Chernobyl/Whose Baby Is It?/HezbollahUpload
34. The Lost Commandos/The Last Supper/Timber WarsUpload
35. Punishing Saddam/Cartier-Bresson/Little FishUpload
36. William Pierce, PhD/Facts of Life in Russia/Jack KevorkianUpload
37. The Pentagon Turned Its Back on Them/Michael Marcum/Open and Shut Case?Upload
38. Partial-Birth Abortion/A Piece of the Rock/Mountain MadnessUpload
39. Inside the Freemen Compound/Special Ed/Politically IncorrectUpload
40. Alex/For Your Eyes Only?/Lisa Herdahl vs. Pontotoc CountyUpload
41. Raul's Money/Scorsese/Family ValuesUpload
42. Wanted/Carla and the Disciples/Did He Do It?Upload
43. Saudi Arabia/Wanted/Benjamin NetanyahuUpload
44. Getting Away with Murder/Madam Speaker/The Conspiracy to Kill HitlerUpload
45. One Child's Labor/Who Poisoned Maryann?/The Stars on the Parallel BarsUpload
46. What About Vincent Foster?/Sacks/ThalidomideUpload
47. The Greatest/Car Talk/Land MinesUpload
48. The Next President of the United States?/Independent Women/Not Your Average Case of ArsonUpload
49. The View from the White House/The Tobacco Game/Spitting ImageUpload
50. Gulf War Syndrome/Chicago 1968/The KingpinUpload
51. The View from the Dole Camp/The Worst Nightmare/Say It Isn't So...Upload
52. Who Are the Kurds?/The Death Penalty/The Dark Side of the GameUpload
1. Ted Kaczynski's Family/Raking It InUpload
2. It's All a Lie/Murder, They Call It/Lorraine Monroe's DoctrineUpload
3. The Pill/When Jerry Met Mary/Dusko TadicUpload
4. A Few Good Men/Todd Ice/Jim BurrowsUpload
5. Bad Blood/TV Marti/Mr. FazioUpload
6. Prison Inc./1776 and All That/Herr DoktorUpload
7. Not for Profit Hospitals/King of the Chessboard/R&R in Southeast AsiaUpload
8. Taliban/Angela Lansbury/SwitzerlandUpload
9. War Orphan/Tina Turner/Athletes: The Women in Their LivesUpload
10. Rick Nuccio/Evelyn Glennie/The President of SomaliaUpload
11. Smoke Screen/Out of Africa/BambiUpload
12. Snafu/Out of This World/Is It Torture?Upload
13. Pain Killer/You Arrogant Journalists/How We Won the WarUpload
14. This Land Is My Land/Double Exposures/Eight Years and CountingUpload
15. What Happened?/Merger Mania/Pork PowerUpload
16. How Sweet Is It?/A Very Tough Neighborhood/Martha Curtis' StoryUpload
17. HMO: Managed or Mangled/Bounty Hunter/Vacco v. QuillUpload
18. Working on a Miracle/Here Come the Brides/The 38 Million Dollar CarUpload
19. Media Mogul/The Informer/The SearchUpload
20. Canada's Dark Secret/Veronica Guerin/The Clintonization of Tony BlairUpload
21. Madam Secretary/Seinfeld/The Disaster That Wasn'tUpload
22. Forgive But Not Forget/Stephen King/The Russian ArmyUpload
23. La Eme/The Wall/Sotheby'sUpload
24. Murder by the Book/Unmasked/The Rumor MillUpload
25. The Memoirs of Manuel Noriega/Car for Rent?/IBPUpload
26. Our Man in Hanoi/Paula Jones/Rich AirUpload
27. Cover-Up at the Citadel?/Mary Schiavo/RafsanjaniUpload
28. Heaven's Gate/The Deadliest PrisonUpload
29. Webster Hubbell/The Shark/Handing Over Hong KongUpload
30. Not Quite Dead/A Harvard Man/The Texaco TapesUpload
31. Corruption at the Border/Getting to Know Him/Running Away from SaddamUpload
32. Two Women/Look Who's Talking/Angels by the SeaUpload
33. The Tobacco Tapes/StriveUpload
34. The Court-Martial of Lt. Flinn/Jimmy Buffett/Sisters of Mercy?Upload
35. Our Little Miss/And the Winner Is.../AnnickUpload
36. Is It Torture?/How He Won the War/Pain KillerUpload
37. The Mule/Dogs of War/Life... By TransplantUpload
38. Inside the Citadel/The Big Apple/School of ScandalUpload
39. For the Defense/In Defense of Timothy McVeigh/The Black PanthersUpload
40. Jeffrey Wigand, PhD/SarkUpload
41. Two Days in Rome/Bambi/Racial TrackingUpload
42. Veronica Guerin/Pork Power/Tina TurnerUpload
43. The Big Dig/The Search/Did He, or Didn't He?Upload
44. Dr. Bender/Martha Curtis' Story/Canada's Dark SecretUpload
45. The Lost Commandos/Alex/Randy NewmanUpload
46. Murder, They Called It/Wanted/Miracle on 43rd StreetUpload
47. Untouchable?/Martha Stewart/Not for Profit HospitalsUpload
48. Betcha!/StriveUpload
49. Officer/Wanted/I Remember DaddyUpload
50. The Life and Death of a PrincessUpload
51. The Perfect Terrorist Weapon/Dunblane/Deeadra/ElizabethUpload
52. Land Mines/Seinfeld/Born to be King?Upload
1. The I.R.S./Welfare a La Carte/Steals & LiesUpload
2. Relieved of Command/Belafonte/Who Poisoned the Children?Upload
3. Suicide Bomber/Yes... But Is It Art? II/5-4-3-2-1 LiftoffUpload
4. The Maverick from Arizona/First Lady/Was Rolando Cruz Framed?Upload
5. The Kennedys/They've Got a Secret/A Very Special BrainUpload
6. The Battle of Gettysburg/There's No Business Like Shoe Business/20,000 VictimsUpload
7. A Matter of Principal/Big Man, Big Voice/The BraceletUpload
8. Traitor or Hero?/Touched by an Angel/The $300,000,000 ManUpload
9. Winnie Mandela/Clint Eastwood/Innocents AbroadUpload
10. What's Saddam Hiding?/The JFK Papers/Taking on DisneyUpload
11. Trokosi/MPD/VenusUpload
12. Inmate 777/Brother Against Brother/December 7Upload
13. The New Orleans Cops/West Side Story/Code BlueUpload
14. Gearing Up/Private Lives, Public Men/Quick CashUpload
15. McLibel/Robert Hughes/CAN: The Cult Awareness NetworkUpload
16. An Honest Mistake/Bobby McFerrin/The Best Doctors in AmericaUpload
17. Ted Kaczynski's Family/The Family Business/Stephanie's LawUpload
18. Massacre in Algeria/The Deadly Trade in Fake Medicine/Here Comes the GirlsUpload
19. Another Look, January 26, 1992/Thy Will Be Done?/The High Cost of DyingUpload
20. Zero Alert/Khawar v. The Globe/War of WordsUpload
21. Who is Vernon Jordan?/Welcome to Miami/Selling SecretsUpload
22. Baghdad Today/Helping Saddam/The Crowded Skies/Nagano 1998Upload
23. Halabja: Ten Years Later/To Be or Not to Be/The Other RussiaUpload
24. Latrell Sprewell/Whose Chemical Weapons?/Toni MorrisonUpload
25. Kathleen Willey/The Real March MadnessUpload
26. Thou Shalt Kill/Running from Home/Sexuality 101Upload
27. Back to My Lai/Juvenile Justice/The Mother of InventionUpload
28. The Gulag/Da Mayor/The Sins of the Father and the Mother?Upload
29. The Smallest of the Small/Politics, Privacy and the Pub/Data SmogUpload
30. Double Standard?/Chris Rock/The Nurse Will See You NowUpload
31. I.G./The Piano Man/Turning Around Denny'sUpload
32. Starr Wars/Candice Bergen-Murphy Brown/Saddam's SpyUpload
33. Iran Versus Iran/Magic/The Winter Hill GangUpload
34. 60 Minutes at 30Upload
35. Smoke Screen/A Very Tough Neighborhood/Quick CashUpload
36. Crazy Like a Fox?/David Tang/Cracking DownUpload
37. The China Connection/Ted Kennedy/Megan's StoryUpload
38. Relaxing Their Grip/The Best Doctors in America/Germ WarfareUpload
39. A Pig Heart?/Who Killed George Polk?/Ben SteinUpload
40. The Pollards/The Rumor Mill/They've Got a SecretUpload
41. A Very Special Brain/McLibel/Steals & LiesUpload
42. Smoking to Live/Taking on Disney/Todd IceUpload
43. Bounty Hunter/Imus/Working on a MiracleUpload
44. The Search/Was Rolando Cruz Framed?/There's No Business Like Shoe BusinessUpload
45. Whose Chemical Weapons?/Stephen King/Traitor or Hero?Upload
46. Back to My Lai/The Disaster That Wasn't/Toni MorrisonUpload
47. Starr Wars/To Be or Not to Be/Jimmy BuffettUpload
48. Taliban/Suicide Bomber/Nixon on NixonUpload
49. Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?/Experimental Prison/Evelyn GlennieUpload
50. HMO: Managed or Mangled/Chris Rock/Khawar v. The GlobeUpload
51. Best of Friends/To Impeach or Not to Impeach/Remembering WatergateUpload
1. Heaven on Earth?/Who Will Succeed Him?/The Most Feared GangsterUpload
2. The Bad Samaritan?/Hard Hats/Not the Best PolicyUpload
3. A League of Her Own/The Man Behind Paula Jones/In Memory of AlisaUpload
4. Give Peace a Chance/Autopsy/Yuri the GreatUpload
5. Second Chance/A Million Men, Women and Children/QuinacrineUpload
6. Baku/Kennewick Man/KosovoUpload
7. Vote Early, Vote Often/I've Got a Secret/Justice for Sale?Upload
8. Smoke But No Fire/Botero/Broken Promises?Upload
9. Insanity?/Sister Business/Waiving the RulesUpload
10. Death by Doctor/The Defector/The Man in the White SuitUpload
11. Y2K/Slave Labor/The Black FarmerUpload
12. A Very Special Teacher/The Silent Service/Grigori LoutchanskyUpload
13. It's the People, Stupid!/Daniel Barenboim/Helicopter DownUpload
14. Charlton Heston/50,000 White Farmers/George SorosUpload
15. Cooking the Books?/Praising Caesar/Who Killed Louis Gladu?Upload
16. The Magdalen Laundries/Breaking Windows/Where Have All the Addicts Gone?Upload
17. Call Me Mister!/The State of the Union: District Council 37/Faking ItUpload
18. The War at Home/Amy's Story/Juvenile Justice?Upload
19. Olympic Gold/Mishap Valley/Sean PennUpload
20. The Next First Lady?/Here Comes the Girls/Toni MorrisonUpload
21. Perjury and Obstruction of Justice?/Fragments/The Sick Building SyndromeUpload
22. Taking Aim at the Gun Industry/Genius/Burt BacharachUpload
23. The 353 Million Dollar Con/The Young and the Restless/Where There's Smoke...Upload
24. The Lobbyist/Roberto Benigni/Choosing LifeUpload
25. Case Closed?/KissingerUpload
26. Ten Years Later/Brother Rick Curry/This Is Peace?Upload
27. A Death in the Family/The Menuhins/UntouchablesUpload
28. George Lucas/Unfinished BusinessUpload
29. Could It Be True?/BETUpload
30. Pan Am 103/A Family AffairUpload
31. Wanted/The Diva Next Door/Banking on DNAUpload
32. Who's to Blame?/Dunblane/AudraUpload
33. The Power Behind the Throne?/Medium Security, Maximum Problems/Janet's StoryUpload
34. Above the Law?/Pyramid/BibiUpload
35. The Moral Minority/Connery, Sean Connery/War CrimesUpload
36. Whose Land Is It Anyway?/Y2K/Dress for SuccessUpload
37. In Memory of Alisa/The Last Supper/Nelson & GracaUpload
38. The Best of Intentions/The Maverick from Arizona/The China ConnectionUpload
39. The Sins of the Father and the Mother?/To Be or Not to Be/Insanity?Upload
40. The 353 Million Dollar Con/Juvenile Injustice?/GeniusUpload
41. The Young and the Restless/Smoke But No Fire/Slave LaborUpload
42. It's the People, Stupid!/Tango Finlandia/The Black FarmerUpload
43. Who Poisoned the Children?/Botero/Who Am I?Upload
44. The Search for John F. Kennedy Jr./Best of Friends/JFK Jr.Upload
45. The Most Feared Gangster/Candice Bergen-Murphy Brown/Unfinished BusinessUpload
46. Spy?/What Assault Weapons Ban?/Waiving the RulesUpload
47. Give Peace a Chance/Big Man, Big Voice/Packing a GunUpload
48. The Magdalen Laundries/Roberto Benigni/Heaven on Earth?Upload
49. The Lobbyist/Praising Caesar/Faking ItUpload
50. Taking Aim at the Gun Industry/Running from Home/The Bad SamaritanUpload
51. A Family Affair/Where There's Smoke.../The Diva Next DoorUpload
52. KGB Secrets/Brother Rick Curry/Harry PotterUpload
1. Kipp/Frank McCourt/Playing Ball with the KGBUpload
2. Dutch/Vice VersaUpload
3. The Blue Wall of Silence/TB/David L. WolperUpload
4. Ron Reagan on Ronald Reagan/The Scuffed Halls of Ivy: Emory University/Doing the Right Thing?Upload
5. Why So Expensive?/Cop Killer/Strive, a Second LookUpload
6. President Bradley?/Knee Deep in Fraud/Cruising for Fun and ProfitUpload
7. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown/The Pill/The EyesUpload
8. On Trial for Murder/Lord of the Manor/A Doctor in the House?/Con ManUpload
9. Haiti: 5 Years & A Billion Dollars Later/Gold in Them Thar Schools/Oh Lord!Upload
10. Untouchable?/Carol Burnett/R.U.C.Upload
11. Suicide or Murder?/Not as Private as You Think/Slam!Upload
12. Miranda/Columbia's Andres Pastrana/President Gore?Upload
13. Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Rumpole of the Bailey/Agent OrangeUpload
14. The Secrecy Clause/Big Chicken/Hello, I'm in FinlandUpload
15. D.U./Miracle on 43rd Street/WantedUpload
16. Need Cash?/Bill Parcells/His Honor, the MayorUpload
17. Adopt Me/Denzel/Boris YeltsinUpload
18. MTBE/Ben ZanderUpload
19. Southern Exposure/Come Dancing/Kevin Mitnick, Cyber ThiefUpload
20. Carol Burnett/Big Man, Big Voice/The Diva Next DoorUpload
21. Ethnic Profiling/Gross National Happiness/The Court-Martial of Major BatesUpload
22. You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown/LAPD Confidential/Unfortunate and Untrue?Upload
23. Hit List?/Kevin Spacey/Whose Country Is It?Upload
24. Echelon/Scam/King CoalUpload
25. Columbine Effect/Dikembe Mutombo/Who Is Arnon Milchan?Upload
26. Timothy McVeigh/The Bodyguard's StoryUpload
27. Hitler's Pope/Women and the Web/Ciao VeneziaUpload
28. By Faith Alone/Tom Joyner/Locked Up for Life?Upload
29. Broken Promises/Queen Rania/Eric ClaptonUpload
30. Cyber War/Addicted to Orchids/Voice of the FarmerUpload
31. Elian's Father/The Power of Positive Speaking/Laundering Drug Money?Upload
32. Different Kind of Governor/The Dirty War/The LembaUpload
33. Death Penalty/The Bishop Estate/Picking Up the PiecesUpload
34. The Colonel's Wife/A Right That Could Be Wrong/The Bicycle ThiefUpload
35. Who Killed Malcolm X?/The Seamy Side of Paradise/Ready, Willing & AbleUpload
36. Bishop Spong/Kevin Mitnick: Cyber Thief/Carlos Acosta's StoryUpload
37. Charlton Heston/50,000 White Farmers/MirandaUpload
38. The Defector/The Court-Martial of Major Bates/The Year of the WomanUpload
39. On Trial for Murder/Knee Deep in Fraud/The Forgotten HostageUpload
40. Doing the Right Thing?/Ben Zander/Columbia's Andres PastranaUpload
41. Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Cruising for Fun and Profit/Prison Inc.Upload
42. Suicide or Murder?/Denzel/Haiti: 5 Years & A Billion Dollars LaterUpload
43. Harry Potter/Need Cash?/Adopt MeUpload
44. Hitler's Pope?/Kevin Spacey/Voice of the FarmerUpload
45. Autopsy/The Scuffed Halls of Ivy: Emory University/TBUpload
46. Dikembe Mutombo/Lord of the Manor/The Columbine EffectUpload
47. Echelon/Frank McCourt/KippUpload
48. Spy?/Come Dancing/Not as Private as You ThinkUpload
49. The Bicycle Thief/Gross National Happiness/Whose Country Is It?Upload
50. Coming Apart at the Seams/A Pig Heart?/Eric ClaptonUpload
51. Jiang Zemin/Daniel BarenboimUpload
52. Testing, Testing, Testing/The Eyes/Hit List?Upload
53. Dr. Wen Ho Lee/Liz Smith/The Bishop EstateUpload
54. Vice Versa/Baku/Who Is Arnon Milchan?Upload
1. Bridgestone Firestone/Michael Tilson Thomas/SmallpoxUpload
2. Damage Control/Tina Sinatra/Boris YeltsinUpload
3. America's Worst Nightmare?/Sleepless in the Cockpit/Bud ShusterUpload
4. Dick Clarke/Made to Order/Wall Street Whiz KidUpload
5. Jack Welch/Negative About Affirmative Action/Megan's LawUpload
6. Yasir Arafat/You've Got Mail/The 450 Million Dollar ScamUpload
7. The MMR Vaccine/The Crossroad/The Calendar GirlsUpload
8. Officer Young/The Orchestra/Fish FussUpload
9. Election Update/Delayed/Presidente FoxUpload
10. Al Gore/Internal Affairs/FISAUpload
11. Dot-Com Millionaires?/God, Women and Medicine/Brain FingerprintingUpload
12. Notra Trulock/Tom Hanks/The Rosenberg CaseUpload
13. The Mormons/Dikembe Mutombo/Ben ZanderUpload
14. Harry Potter/Tina Sinatra/Evelyn GlennieUpload
15. Wal-Mart/Any Given Sunday/The Tiananmen PapersUpload
16. Earth Liberation Front/The Pope's Maestro/The Strange Case of Dr. ShipmanUpload
17. The Osprey/Nothing More to Worry About?/ZimbabweUpload
18. The Great Escape/Arctic Oil/School for the HomelessUpload
19. Sleeping Sickness/Joe the Jailer/Bryonn Bain of HarvardUpload
20. Online U/The Wrong Man?/DiamondsUpload
21. Needles/David Boies/Whose Body Is It Anyway?Upload
22. President Simmons/Mammoni/Alternative MedicineUpload
23. Here Comes the Judge/Who's Next/Russia's New Czars?Upload
24. Giant Killer/Caught Up in a Custody Battle/Smart TVUpload
25. 252/They Mean Business/Dillard'sUpload
26. The Boy Scouts/Of Mice and Men/Hit SquadsUpload
27. The FBI and the Mob/The Trillion Dollar Question/The RocketUpload
28. Darryl Strawberry/Mel Brooks on Broadway/Stolen LivesUpload
29. Doctor's Dilemma/The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/GenesUpload
30. Caught on Tape/Shoot the Fox/The Sudbury WayUpload
31. Compassionate Use/The Tiny TV Network with a Big Mouth/Back to My LaiUpload
32. The Execution of Timothy McVeigh/The MemorialUpload
33. Murder or Suicide?/DNA Dragnet/Cash CropUpload
34. Delayed/Arctic Oil/Gold in Them Thar SchoolsUpload
35. The Preacher's Daughter/Billion Dollar Business/His Honor the MayorUpload
36. Bridgestone Firestone/In Memory of Alisa/Death by DoctorUpload
37. The Osprey/The Strange Case of Dr. Shipman/Not as Private as You ThinkUpload
38. President Simmons/The Earth Liberation Front/Nothing More to Worry About?Upload
39. Why So Expensive?/Officer Young/The OrchestraUpload
40. The Boy Scouts/Negative About Affirmative Action/Michael Tilson ThomasUpload
41. Sleepless in the Cockpit/Mel Brooks on Broadway/Wall Street Whiz KidUpload
42. Made to Order/Dot-Com Millionaires?/MammoniUpload
43. Online U/Femme Fatale/Whose Body Is It Anyway?Upload
44. Zimbabwe/Giant Killer/Partial Birth AbortionUpload
45. Wanted/252/Never Too LateUpload
46. Suicide Bomber/Who's Next?/School for the HomelessUpload
47. A Doctor in the House?/The Tiny TV Network with a Big Mouth/The RocketUpload
48. Smallpox/Jack Welch/The Trillion-Dollar QuestionUpload
49. Schneider v. Kissinger/Stolen Lives/Shoot the FoxUpload
50. How Secure Is Your Airport?/An American Town/The Three Wise Men/How Intelligent Were We?Upload
1. Lost in America/The Mind of a Suicide Bomber/What Are They Saying About Us?/Laura BushUpload
2. Are We Safe?/Islam/The Long Gray LineUpload
3. Special Report/Blueprint for Survival/SurvivorsUpload
4. Special Ops/Nuclear Reactors/Condoleezza RiceUpload
5. The Second Most Wanted Man/Smallpox/Two Faces of PakistanUpload
6. Saddam Hussein's Iraq/The Prince/Innocence LostUpload
7. Richard Harris/LBJ Tapes/City Within a CityUpload
8. The Lost Son/LBJ Tapes/City Within a CityUpload
9. The U.S. Border Patrol/The Pump/Kuwait: Ten Years LaterUpload
10. America's Arabs/Kinkade/CastroUpload
11. The Dirty Little Word 'Profiling'/Selling the Dream?/Barbara CookUpload
12. Why Did She Do It?/The Candy ManUpload
13. The Secret Life of Robert Hanssen/Hold the Phone/In a League of His OwnUpload
14. The Greatest/Charlie Did It/The Diva Next DoorUpload
15. The Great One/The Piano Man/Richard Harris/StudsUpload
16. Athens 2004/Fat City/Where's Ours?Upload
17. Good Intentions, Bad Results/Murder in the Second Degree/Frozen AssetsUpload
18. Torture?/Women in Combat/Ms. SwiftUpload
19. Hamas/August Wilson/The FBI's Dirty Little SecretUpload
20. Harry Potter/Adopt Me/The Daily Show with Jon StewartUpload
21. How Well Oiled Are We?/You Want Fries with That?/ArafatUpload
22. What's New in the Art World/Forensic Evidence/In the Belly of the BeastUpload
23. Tom Welch/Unlocking Parkinson's/Michael AptedUpload
24. Iraqi National Congress/A Sad Fact of Life/Hotel PioneerUpload
25. I.N.S./Elaine Stritch/The American Red CrossUpload
26. John Nash's Beautiful Mind/Poisonous Stew/Dame JudiUpload
27. On the Waterfront/Malden Mills/One Horrific DayUpload
28. Ariel Sharon/And the Winner Is.../All in the FamilyUpload
29. A New Lease on Life/The Biological ClockUpload
30. Skin and Bones/Doing Business with Enron/Con ManUpload
31. The Archbishop/Pentagon Schools/Dr. Torrey's WarUpload
32. North of the Border/Scandal on Ice/Young, American and MuslimUpload
33. Hell No, We Won't Go!/Better Safe Than Sorry/The Terrorist's LawyerUpload
34. Is There a Gun in the House?/Halabja 14 Years Later/Hugo ChavezUpload
35. Castro/Joe Bonanno/Scars of WarUpload
36. The Bicycle Thief/Negative About Affirmative Action/The Power of Positive SpeakingUpload
37. The Man Who Got Away/Elaine StritchUpload
38. Mubarak of Egypt/Nursing Shortage/Kuwait Ten Years LaterUpload
39. The American Red Cross/Hold the Phone/BBCUpload
40. The Pump/LBJ Tapes/Con ManUpload
41. The FBI's Dirty Little Secret/The Biological Clock/The OrchestraUpload
42. The Osprey/Fat City/Hotel PioneerUpload
43. The FBI and the Mob/Kinkade/Arctic OilUpload
44. The U.S. Border Patrol/Hit List/John Nash's Beautiful MindUpload
45. Selling the Dream?/What's New in the Art World/Unlocking Parkinson'sUpload
46. Murder in the Second Degree/There's No Business Like Shoe Business/August WilsonUpload
47. Athens 2004/The Dirty Little Word 'Profiling'/Malden MillsUpload
48. Zimbabwe/Do You Want Fries with That?/The Death PenaltyUpload
49. 252/Springsteen/Charlie Did ItUpload
50. The Prince/The War at Home/Young, American and MuslimUpload
51. An American Town/The Commissioner/Survivors/Saudi Arabia/Are We Safe?Upload
52. Broken Promises/Kennewick Man/The Pope's MaestroUpload
53. Torture?/The Candy Man/The $353 Million ConUpload
1. The Arafat Papers/Over the Hill?/KidnappedUpload
2. The Sheriff of Wall Street/Zion's Christian Soldiers/HubbleUpload
3. Armed and Dangerous/The Royal Treatment/The End of the Embargo?Upload
4. Women of Afghanistan/Married Priests/BoysUpload
5. Lost in Translation/Going Home/The Grand Old ManUpload
6. Doctor Death and His Accomplice/TexasUpload
7. Toxic Town/Sir David Attenborough/Depressed and on Welfare/CheatersUpload
8. The Inspector/Bush at War/Not the Best PolicyUpload
9. Retaliation... Will Not Be Tolerated/Billy Crystal/Jackpot JusticeUpload
10. Title IX/Change of Heart/Was It Done with Mirrors?Upload
11. Buddy/Life Goes on Girl/It Pays to Advertise?Upload
12. Al Gore/Iraqi Oil/Who Is Catherine Reynolds?/Negative About Affirmative ActionUpload
13. Losing Their Marbles/Bad Medicine/Married PriestsUpload
14. Nursing Shortage/Brother Rick Curry/Gross National HappinessUpload
15. Fingerprints/Puzzle Master/Stephen HawkingUpload
16. Closing the Gap/Sheryl Crow/The Age WaveUpload
17. Four Remarkable WomenUpload
18. The Last Frontier/North Korea/The Wrong ManUpload
19. Yankee Go Home!/Montana Power/Find the GunUpload
20. Are We Prepared?/Unhealthy Diagnosis/Michael MooreUpload
21. Dr. Shahristani/Bering Strait/Top CopUpload
22. Imported from India/Saddam's Money/SUVUpload
23. Qatar/Keeping a Secret/Medical EmergencyUpload
24. French Connection/The Reserves/Anatomy of a MistakeUpload
25. War with Iraq/Finding Saddam/Protecting New YorkUpload
26. The Ayatollah Al-Hakim/Small, Cheap and Deadly/Look Who's SellingUpload
27. The View from Jordan/Dr. Chalabi Goes to Iraq/Guilty Until Proven/Rebuilding IraqUpload
28. The Information War/Annika Sorenstam/The Country Next DoorUpload
29. Hezbollah/The Royal Treatment/Con ManUpload
30. All in the Family/The Impossible Dream?/What About Syria?Upload
31. Rebuilding Afghanistan?/Send in the Spies/Terrorist HunterUpload
32. Firing Back/Lies/Weapons of Mass DestructionUpload
33. 35 Years and 60 MinutesUpload
34. The Sheriff of Wall Street/Boys/The Mind of a Suicide BomberUpload
35. Hubble/The Rocket/Shadow of ShameUpload
36. Zion's Christian Soldiers/Martha Stewart/Making Their CaseUpload
37. Harry Potter/Going Home/Diego GarciaUpload
38. Medical Malpractice/Imported from India/Pork PowerUpload
39. Title IX/Billy Crystal/Armed and DangerousUpload
40. Kidnapped/Puzzle Master/Malden MillsUpload
41. Keeping a Secret/SUV/Lost in TranslationUpload
42. Sheryl Crow/North Korea/FingerprintsUpload
43. Unhealthy Diagnosis/Bering Strait/Michael MooreUpload
44. On the Waterfront/Qatar/Was It Done with Mirrors?Upload
45. The Age Wave/Montana Power/Addicted to OrchidsUpload
46. Small, Cheap and Deadly/Lies/The Biological ClockUpload
47. The Wrong Man/Who Is Catherine Reynolds?/Guilty Until ProvenUpload
48. The Ayatollah Al-Hakim/Toxic Town/The CoachUpload
49. North of the Border/Any Given Sunday/Anatomy of a MistakeUpload
50. Johnny Cash/Change of Heart/Sir David AttenboroughUpload
51. All in the Family/Cooking with Gas/The Terrorist's LawyerUpload
1. Tulia, Texas/Musically Speaking/Eminent DomainUpload
2. 3128x 0.0
3. Cooking the Books/How Many Miles to the Gallon?/SainthoodUpload
4. Gimme Shelter/Nation Building/The Case Against Dr. ButlerUpload
5. Terror in Moscow/Yucca Mountain/Undercover MarketingUpload
6. An Island of Sanity/Pirates of the Internet/Mary JUpload
7. Jessica Lynch's Hero/Arafat's Billions/Mr. FeinbergUpload
8. Chemical Plant Insecurity/They Didn't Ask, He Didn't Tell/The Kuwait of AfricaUpload
9. Porn in the U.S./Still Fighting/Howard Hughes/Jeopardy!Upload
10. Alice Coles of Bayview/Answers from the Grave/L.T. Over the EdgeUpload
11. The Look/Operation Iraqi Freedom?/King SolomonUpload
12. Saddam Hussein's CaptureUpload
13. Behind Bars/John Edwards, President?/The FenceUpload
14. Michael Jackson/Iraq After SaddamUpload
15. More Than They Deserve/The Eyes Have It/Turkmenbashi/Does the Nose Know?/Bering StraitUpload
16. Inside the Bush White House/Out of India/The Greyston BakeryUpload
17. John Kerry/Farewell to the Queen/Doing Business with the EnemyUpload
18. Faith, Hope & Politics/The Sunni Triangle/The Man with the Golden EarsUpload
19. Nuclear Insecurity/Self-Made Maverick/PilobolusUpload
20. Boosting/The Patriot/The Wild Man of MusicUpload
21. Lost in the Translation/Surf's Up/A True ConfessionUpload
22. The Blame Game/The Bishop/Geno's GameUpload
23. Prescriptions and Profit/Hubble/The Last GangsterUpload
24. 9-11 Before and After/The Second Most Wanted ManUpload
25. Condoleezza Rice/Judge Charles Pickering/Freddy AduUpload
26. See No Evil/The Best Possible Deal?/Who Is Jack Spadaro?Upload
27. Michelle Wie/The Summer Games/Out of ControlUpload
28. Plan of Attack/Mary JUpload
29. The Devil's Advocate/Comrade Capitalist/Self-Made MaverickUpload
30. Deep Dark Secret/Funny Girl/SuperbugsUpload
31. Couldn't Keep It to Myself/Saudi Justice/American HeroUpload
32. The New French Revolution/The Image War/DomingoUpload
33. General Anthony Zinni/Stanley 'Tookie' Williams/I Have a DreamUpload
34. Muqtada Al-Sadr/How Many Miles to the Gallon?Upload
35. Ronald Reagan RememberedUpload
36. Chemical Plant Insecurity/Skull and Bones/Barbara CookUpload
37. Bill ClintonUpload
38. The Patriot/Dr. Sam Waksal/Michael MooreUpload
39. Kinkade/Tulia, Texas/Eminent DomainUpload
40. Kerry & Edwards/Boosting/Man with the Golden EarsUpload
41. The Kuwait of Africa/Alice Coles of Bayview/Howard HughesUpload
42. Yucca Mountain/Undercover Marketing/Surf's Up!Upload
43. Musically Speaking/Out of India/The BishopUpload
44. Lost in Translation/The World's Greatest Fakes/Freddy AduUpload
45. See No Evil/The Garden of Eden/Pirates of the InternetUpload
46. Cooking the Books/Prescriptions and Profit/Change of HeartUpload
47. Nuclear Insecurity/Doing Business with the Enemy/Michelle WieUpload
48. Porn in the U.S./Jeopardy!Upload
49. DNA Dragnet/All in the Family/L.T. Over the EdgeUpload
50. The Second War/Fat City/The CoachUpload
1. Wanted: Dead or Alive/The Closer!/O'ReillyUpload
2. Echo Boomers/Tales from the Crypt/Bill ParcellsUpload
3. The Killing in Sudan/Staying at Home/Queen LatifahUpload
4. A Deal with the Devil/Top 10%/Ray CharlesUpload
5. The Murder of Emmett Till/Jon StewartUpload
6. Live from New York/The Governor/In Harm's WayUpload
7. The Next Space Race/Crusade Against CreditUpload
8. Anonymous Revealed/Prescription for Trouble/ArafatUpload
9. The Uncounted/Hoodia/Jim CarreyUpload
10. The Case of the Spy Ring/Bluejay/Dustin HoffmanUpload
11. Old Soldiers/ADD Grows Up/Bob DylanUpload
12. Who Killed Carolyn Muncey?/A Feisty Farewell/Cinderella StoryUpload
13. The Stone Box/Ricky Williams/Redneck WomanUpload
14. Echo Boomers/Ray Charles/The CoachUpload
15. Google/The Most Beautiful Woman in the WorldUpload
16. The Big Gun/Lang Lang/A Dog's NoseUpload
17. Under Fire/The Insider/Tim HowardUpload
18. Poisoned/An Expensive Lesson/Hilary SwankUpload
19. Child ProdigiesUpload
20. Juiced/Born in the U.S.A./The GatesUpload
21. Rape in the Ranks/Cirque Du Soleil/Chris RockUpload
22. Breeding Ground/The Aviator and the President/Brain RangersUpload
23. Rendition/Grand Theft Auto/The D.A. And Tom DelayUpload
24. Ken Lay/Submission/The Last Star WarsUpload
25. The Big Gun II/Jessica Gonzales vs Castle Rock/The Sea GypsiesUpload
26. Power to the People/The Stone Box/The Toughest RaceUpload
27. Pope John Paul II: Part I/Pope John Paul II: Part II/Jane Fonda: My Life So Far - Part IUpload
28. Mafia Cops/Handouts for the Homeland/Jane Fonda: My Life So Far: Part IIUpload
29. Party at Gregg's/Carl Hiaasen/Highway in the SkyUpload
30. Medical Tourists/Tunnel #3/Endangered SpeciesUpload
31. Secrets from Guantanamo Bay/The Hobbit/GoldieUpload
32. President Putin/Duty, Honor, Country/Everybody Does Love RaymondUpload
33. Maximum Security/B.S. Rules!Upload
34. The Pledge/It Takes One to Know One/Cooking the BooksUpload
35. The Big Gun/Dave Chappelle/Counting on the CountUpload
36. Justice at Guantanamo/Insider's Prescription/Not in My BackyardUpload
37. The Closer!/Beatrice's Goat/Bob DylanUpload
38. Grand Theft Auto/Top 10%/Amazon TreasureUpload
39. Under Fire/A Dog's Nose/Miracle ManUpload
40. Old Soldiers/The Next Space RaceUpload
41. Handouts for the Homeland/Submission/Highway in the SkyUpload
42. In Harm's Way/The Big Gun II/Staying at HomeUpload
43. Rendition/Born in the U.S.A./Dustin HoffmanUpload
44. President Putin/Jane Fonda: My Life So FarUpload
45. Juiced/A Deal with the Devil/Cirque Du SoleilUpload
46. The Governor/An Expensive Lesson/Hilary SwankUpload
47. Anonymous Revealed/Party at Gregg's/The Sea GypsiesUpload
48. Prescription for Trouble/The Killing in Sudan/Crusade Against CreditUpload
49. New Orleans/Echo Boomers/Medical TouristsUpload
50. Order Out of Chaos/Mr. Feinberg/Human Guinea PigUpload
51. The Pledge/Ricky Williams Returns/Life in BaghdadUpload
1. Hostage/In Search of Bin Laden/The CaptainUpload
2. Chalabi/A Fractured Mind/ElianUpload
3. My FBI/The Dinner Set Gang/NASCAR FamilyUpload
4. Addicted to Heroin/Romo/The Lord God BirdUpload
5. 39 Years 6 Months 4 Days/Michael Jordan/RexUpload
6. The Outing of Valerie Plame/Whose Life Is It Anyway?/Prince CharlesUpload
7. The Most Dangerous Road in the World/First Man/The WinnerUpload
8. Aftershock/Burning Rage/Mad Money ManUpload
9. Illegal and Thriving/New Orleans Is Sinking/U2Upload
10. Plan B/Living Large/James BlakeUpload
11. Chasing the Flu/MS-13/Howard SternUpload
12. Dying to Get In/The Dinner Set Gang/Swimming with SharksUpload
13. The Bridge to Gretna/Rendition/Morgan FreemanUpload
14. The New Beirut/The Sea Gypsies/Tina TurnerUpload
15. The New Space Race/Fighting AIDS/ImmortalityUpload
16. Gangster Cops?/Sir Howard/BodeUpload
17. Bring 'Em Home Murtha/The Hermit Kingdom/FelicityUpload
18. The Oil Sands/Kinky for Governor/Fatal1tyUpload
19. The Worst Case Scenario/Prisoner of Pain/Off the ScaleUpload
20. SuperstarsUpload
21. War Profiteers?/A Surplus of Embryos/Wounds of WarUpload
22. State of Denmark/Global Warning!/Philip Seymour HoffmanUpload
23. To Walk Again/On the Waterfront/Coal CowboyUpload
24. Is the Price Right?/The Court Martial of Willie Brand/The Prince of PotUpload
25. Brutal/Al Qaeda's Town/Gay or Straight?Upload
26. Defending New York/Rewriting the Science/Family TiesUpload
27. Betting on a Fall/TigerUpload
28. Bin Laden's Bodyguard/What's Good for America.../Working 24-7Upload
29. Death of a General/The Orphanage/Michelle WieUpload
30. Terror Behind Bars/Too Many Men/Jamie OliverUpload
31. A Spy Speaks Out/Aging in the 21st Century/Star of StarbucksUpload
32. Lethal and Leaking/Priory of Sion/The Colbert ReportUpload
33. Sallie Mae/The Ethanol Solution/Long John DalyUpload
34. The New Boss/The Harlem Children's Zone/Not Ready to Make NiceUpload
35. I'm Mike WallaceUpload
36. Gangster Cops?/Wounds of WarUpload
37. Dying to Get In/A Different Kind of Grocery/Carl HiaasenUpload
38. Plan B/The Hobbit/Mel Brooks on BroadwayUpload
39. Burning Rage/Kinky for Governor/Swimming with SharksUpload
40. The Oil Sands/RexUpload
41. Elian/Al Qaeda's Town/First ManUpload
42. 39 Years 6 Months 4 Days/War Profiteers/The CaptainUpload
43. Whose Life Is It Anyway?/Buried in the Past/BodeUpload
44. Working 24-7/The Most Dangerous Road in the World/The Dinner Set GangUpload
45. Bin Laden's Bodyguard/Rewriting the Science/U2Upload
46. Global Warning/Living Large/Fatal1tyUpload
47. President Ahmadinejad/The Colbert ReportUpload
48. Michael Jordan/Submission/Aging in the 21st CenturyUpload
49. One Year Later/It Takes One to Know One/Gay or Straight?Upload
50. Aftershock/TigerUpload
51. The Dust at Ground Zero/Tuesday's ChildrenUpload
52. Illegal and Thriving/Romo/Howard SternUpload
1. True Believer/Was It Murder?/Musharraf: In the Line of FireUpload
2. State of Denial/Area 25/Bum HuntingUpload
3. The No-Fly List/Carly/Pattie DunnUpload
4. The Duke Rape Case/A Loss of FaithUpload
5. The Mother of All Heists/Two Heartbeats Away/Searching for JacobUpload
6. A Fighting Chance/Explosion at Texas City/Big Man on CampusUpload
7. Buried in the Fine Print/The Shipbreakers/Explaining Russell CroweUpload
8. Ed BradleyUpload
9. Welcome to Hazleton/Shooting Tigers/Broadway JoeUpload
10. General Abizaid/The Memory Pill/BluejayUpload
11. Netflix/Hiding from Death/The GiftUpload
12. Exposing the Truth/The Phantom of Corleone/A New Kind of FightUpload
13. Hitler's Secret Archive/The Loneliest People/The King of ComedyUpload
14. Swimming to Antarctica/Rex/The OrphanageUpload
15. Poisoned/Betty Ford/The DameUpload
16. President Bush/The Duke CaseUpload
17. An American in North Korea/Get Me the Geeks!/Brain ManUpload
18. Barack Obama/The Death of Timothy Sounders/Norah JonesUpload
19. The Other Iraq/Diagnosis: Autism/Hillbilly Rock StarUpload
20. Dissension in the Ranks/The Nazi Deception/O'ReillyUpload
21. Jihad.Com/Wake-Up Call/Dog NutUpload
22. The Anthrax Case/Left Behind/The Widows of Harlan CountyUpload
23. The Killing in Haditha/Simon CowellUpload
24. John and Elizabeth Edwards/The Network/Prisoner 05A4820Upload
25. Under the Influence/Not So Perfect a Match/The Age of WarmingUpload
26. McCain for President/Vive Les Nukes/Dr. EvilUpload
27. Innocent/Imus/Maximum Security EducationUpload
28. Mind of an Assassin/Life in Baghdad/Stop Snitchin'Upload
29. At the Center of the Storm/Armed and DangerousUpload
30. Inside the Enemy Camp/Lou Dobbs/Thrift Shop Masterpiece?Upload
31. Mitt Romney/6%/AliUpload
32. Deepwater/Dumped on Skid Row/One Laptop Per ChildUpload
33. Fathers, Sons, and BrothersUpload
34. Jack Kevorkian/Vanessa Redgrave/President AhmadinejadUpload
35. The No-Fly List/Barry Diller/The Sea GypsiesUpload
36. The Mother of All Heists/The Memory Pill/Long John DalyUpload
37. Exposing the Truth/Family Ties/Hitler's Secret ArchiveUpload
38. A Fighting Chance/Hiding from Death/Explaining Russell CroweUpload
39. Wake-Up Call/Shooting Tigers/Loneliest PeopleUpload
40. Not So Perfect Match/An American in North Korea/Dog NutUpload
41. The Death of Timothy Sounders/Dr. Evil/Hillbilly Rock StarUpload
42. Under the Influence/Prisoner 05A4820/A New Kind of FightUpload
43. The Other Iraq/The Phantom of Corleone/The DameUpload
44. Searching for Jacob/Stop Snitchin'/King of ComedyUpload
45. Deepwater/The Age of Warming/Simon CowellUpload
46. Was It Murder?/Left Behind/One Laptop Per ChildUpload
47. The Killings in Haditha/The ShipbreakersUpload
48. The Dust at Ground Zero/Get Me the Geeks!/PavarottiUpload
49. Alan Greenspan/Swimming with SharksUpload
1. President Ahmadinejad/Pot Shops/The Match of His LifeUpload
2. The Justice Nobody Knows/What Killed Rebecca Riley?/InvincibleUpload
3. The Man from Interpol/Roots/Springsteen/The Bird Man of IdahoUpload
4. Blackwater/A Clean Version of Hell/Joel Osteen/Dubai Inc.Upload
5. The Age of Megafires/Life Saver/No Ordinary SpyUpload
6. Bombing Afghanistan/What's Wrong with the Bees?/Sarko L'AmericainUpload
7. Curve Ball/The Ivory War/Captain of CapitalismUpload
8. Superbug/Insanity on Death Row/Here Come the MillennialsUpload
9. Evidence of Injustice/The Youngest Terrorist/Calorie CountingUpload
10. Awakenings/Hi-Tech Heist/EaglesUpload
11. The Purge/One Laptop Per Child/Will SmithUpload
12. Kings of Congo/Prescription for Addiction/LT MVPUpload
13. Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Garden of Eden/A-RodUpload
14. Joel Osteen/Roots/The WinnerUpload
15. The Age of Mega-Fires/Pot Shops/Get Me the Geeks!Upload
16. President Musharraf/The Executioner/Roger ClemensUpload
17. The King of Sushi/War Against Women/The Face Behind FacebookUpload
18. House of Cards/Saddam's ConfessionsUpload
19. Dubai Inc./Gordon B. HinckleyUpload
20. Obama '08/Hillary for President/Should We Make Cents?Upload
21. A Thousand Lives a Month?/The Pursuit of Happiness/Gustavo the GreatUpload
22. The Prosecution of Governor Siegelman/The Murder of Chauncey Bailey/What's Wrong with the Bees?Upload
23. Ohio/Lifeline/The Pentagon's Ray GunUpload
24. John McCain/26-Year Secret/The Icahn LiftUpload
25. The Wrong Medicine/The Science of SleepUpload
26. The Doomsday Vault/The Stone Box/David BeckhamUpload
27. Five Years/The Gore Campaign/Stat ManUpload
28. Sovereign Wealth Fund/The Path to War/A Bigger Leap for MankindUpload
29. State of Corruption/The Kanzius Machine/El SistemaUpload
30. Ambush in Afghanistan/The Bypass Effect/The Lost LeonardoUpload
31. The IAF/Justice ScaliaUpload
32. Exonerated/What Really Happend to Pat Tillman?/Dr. Farmer's RemedyUpload
33. The Price of Bananas/Detention in America/Alec BaldwinUpload
34. The List/Garden of Eden/Bon JoviUpload
35. A 26-Year Secret/House of Cards/Here Come the MillennialsUpload
36. Officer Herrera Goes Public/The Pentagon's Ray Gun/Captain of CapitalismUpload
37. Combustible Dust/Howard Hughes/Joel OsteenUpload
38. The Science of Sleep/The Pursuit of HappinessUpload
39. Al Hurra/Life Saver/Fish FussUpload
40. The Purge/Roots/Will SmithUpload
41. Kings of Congo/The Path to War/Should We Make CentsUpload
42. Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Lifeline/David BeckhamUpload
43. Searching for Jacob/The Kanzius Machine/El SistemaUpload
44. The Executioner/A Bigger Leap for Mankind/SpringsteenUpload
45. Dubai Inc./Stat ManUpload
46. The IAF/Insanity on Death Row/The Icahn LiftUpload
47. No Ordinary Spy/The War Against Women/The Lost LeonardoUpload
48. The Killings in Haditha/The Wrong MedicineUpload
49. Obama Biden '08/Bombing Afghanistan/AwakeningUpload
50. The War Within/Alec Baldwin/The King of SushiUpload
51. Evidence of Injustice/Justice ScaliaUpload
52. The Candidates: McCain/The Candidates: ObamaUpload
1. The Bailout/General O/The ColliderUpload
2. Wall Street's Shadow Market/Kill Bin Laden/The Race for the Electric CarUpload
3. The FBI's Wise Guy/The Battle of Sadr City/All in the FamilyUpload
4. Combat in Afghanistan/Bank of America/Blood BrothersUpload
5. Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction/T Boone Pickens/GorongosaUpload
6. Coming Home/Sergeant Bill/Brain PowerUpload
7. The Inner Circle/The Wasteland/Ted TurnerUpload
8. The 44th PresidentUpload
9. Assault on Pelindaba/For Better or Worse/RexUpload
10. The Cheater$/The Silver Star/Michael PhelpsUpload
11. The Oil Kingdom/SchnabelUpload
12. Barney Frank/Where's the Bottom?/Coach CarrollUpload
13. Schwarzenegger/Screening the TSA/The OrphanageUpload
14. The Road to the White HouseUpload
15. Mind Reading/Is It Murder?/The Mad Scientist of FootballUpload
16. The Price of Oil/The Chairman/WyclefUpload
17. The Winter of Our Hardship/No Peace Deal/Wine RxUpload
18. Saving Flight 1549/ColdplayUpload
19. Buy American/World of Trouble/The War in PakistanUpload
20. The Drinking Age/Kidnapped in Basra/The MascotUpload
21. The Man Who Knew/The War Next Door/Bobby JindalUpload
22. Your Bank Has Failed/EyewitnessUpload
23. The Chairman/Alice WatersUpload
24. President Obama/Mr. Ayers and Mr. LopezUpload
25. The Internet Is Infected/Poisoned/LeBronUpload
26. Closing the Clinic/Torture in Iran/DollyUpload
27. The DEKA Arm/Gun Rush/Steve WynnUpload
28. 401K Recession/Cold Fusion Is Hot Again/Blood BrothersUpload
29. Vice President Biden/Powered by Coal/The OrphanageUpload
30. Amazon Crude/Reeducating Osama Bin Laden's Disciples/All in the FamilyUpload
31. America's New Air Force/The Perfect Spy/Stat ManUpload
32. Secretary of War/AIG, We Own It/Vogue, Anna WintourUpload
33. Buy America/Sergeant Bill/Wine RxUpload
34. Your Bank Has Failed/The War in Pakistan/Michael PhelpsUpload
35. The Chairman/DollyUpload
36. The Man Who Knew/For Better or For Worse/Alice WatersUpload
37. A Clean Version of Hell/The War Next Door/LeBronUpload
38. The Cheater$/Mind Reading/GorongosaUpload
39. Saving Flight 1549/Bon JoviUpload
40. Kill Bin Laden/EyewitnessUpload
41. Gun Rush/Poisoned/Steve WynnUpload
42. Screening the TSA/Is It Murder?/WyclefUpload
43. The Price of Bananas/Brain Power/Swimming with SharksUpload
44. Michael Vick/America's New Air Force/ColdplayUpload
45. Remembering Don HewittUpload
46. The Wasteland/Financial Weapon of Mass Destruction/The Bird Man of IdahoUpload
47. The Age of Megafires/Combat in Afghanistan/Mr. Ayers and Mr. LopezUpload
48. President Obama/Big Teddy/Guiding LightUpload
49. The DEKA ArmUpload
1. McChrystal/The Liquidator/A Living for the DeadUpload
2. The Swindler/130 Million Tons of Waste/The Great MigrationUpload
3. Golf Company/A Blow to the Brain/The BirdmenUpload
4. H1N1/The Kanzius Machine/Drew BarrymoreUpload
5. 60 Billion Dollar Fraud/Fight for a Cure/Tyler PerryUpload
6. H1N1 (II)/Yakuza/The Movie PiratesUpload
7. Sabotaging the System/AgassiUpload
8. The Deadliest Weapon/B-Rex/Resurrecting EdenUpload
9. The Cost of Dying/Witness/Cameron's AvatarUpload
10. Congo Gold/The Great ExplorerUpload
11. The Zone/Personal FoulUpload
12. President Obama/Growing Body Parts/Ricky GervaisUpload
13. The Long Recession: Wilmington Corporation/The Patriarch/Alec BaldwinUpload
14. Running Dry/Out of the Shadows/The BirdmenUpload
15. A Crack in the Swiss Vault/Delay, Deny and Hope That I Die/The Secret Language of ElephantsUpload
16. Watching the Border/Revelations from the Campaign/Resurrecting the ExtinctUpload
17. Haiti/Football Island/Penelope CruzUpload
18. Don HewittUpload
19. The Quiet Professionals/White Hot/BeyonceUpload
20. Made in U.S.A./Davos/Pigeon FeverUpload
21. Blackwater 61/The Bloom Box/Ground ZeroUpload
22. Stealing America's Secrets/Battle Over History/Kathryn BigelowUpload
23. The Blood BrothersUpload
24. Inside the Collapse/DerekUpload
25. Chief of Staff/The Lost Children of Haiti/DoublesUpload
26. The Case Against Nada Prouty/The Russian Is Coming/The SharkmanUpload
27. Patented/America's Gift/Going SmokelessUpload
28. Gotti/DiscoveryUpload
29. 21st Century Snake Oil/PacinoUpload
30. The Narrative/Boosting Brain Power/Competing Against TimeUpload
31. The All-American Canal/Chef Jose Andres/ConanUpload
32. Homegrown Terror/The Secretary of State/Walking AwayUpload
33. The Blowout/Gustavo DudamelUpload
34. Are They Safe?/The Seed School/Marty's Big IdeaUpload
35. The Deadliest Weapon/Resurrecting the Extinct/Vogue, Anna WintourUpload
36. The Swindler/The Case Against Nada Prouty/The SharkmanUpload
37. Sabotaging the System/The Great ExplorerUpload
38. Assault on Pelindaba/The Liquidator/A Living for the DeadUpload
39. Blackwater 61/Fight for a Cure/Cameron's AvatarUpload
40. Into the Wild: The Great Migration/The Secret Language of Elephants/B-RexUpload
41. The Lost Children of Haiti/Kathryn Bigelow/White HotUpload
42. Golf Company/Penelope Cruz/Guiding LightUpload
43. The Narrative/Growing Body Parts/Tyler PerryUpload
44. Out of the Shadows/Discovery/DerekUpload
45. The Cost of Dying/The Patriarch/Chef Jose AndresUpload
46. A Crack in the Swiss Vault/130 Million Tons of Waste/PacinoUpload
47. The Blowout/The Russian Is ComingUpload
48. Stealing America's Secrets/The Bloom Box/The BirdmenUpload
49. 60 Billion Dollar Fraud/The Seed School/DoublesUpload
50. 21st Century Snake Oil/BeyonceUpload
51. The Swindler/White House Diary: Jimmy Carter/Football IslandUpload
1. A Relentless Enemy/The People Behind the Mosque/Cool Brees/EyewitnessUpload
2. Unfinished Business/The Go-To Guy/Giving Away a FortuneUpload
3. The Speed Traders/Mandela/EminemUpload
4. City of David/Stand Down/Market StreetUpload
5. The 99ers/Jane Goodall/Top GearUpload
6. Anger in the Land/Tax the Rich/ZenyattaUpload
7. President Obama/PacmanUpload
8. Shaleionaires/Haiti/Medal of HonorUpload
9. The Merchant of Death/Designing Life/Mark WahlbergUpload
10. Good Cop, Bad Cop/Spider-Man/John Paul StevensUpload
11. The Chairman/FacebookUpload
12. The Next Speaker/Brazil/Jerry JonesUpload
13. The Day of Reckoning/Endless MemoryUpload
14. The Great Migration/The Secret Language of Elephants/B-RexUpload
15. Bad Medicine/WyntonUpload
16. The Big Gamble/Silver or Lead/A Living for the DeadUpload
17. Descent Into Madness/Yemen/The GamblerUpload
18. 1394x 7.5
19. 3917x 0.0
20. New Age Revolution/The 33/Lady GagaUpload
21. Scott Brown: Against All Odds/The Spark/The King's SpeechUpload
22. 21st Century Snake Oil/Stealing America's SecretsUpload
23. Hard Time Generation/Hitchens/Spy on IceUpload
24. Curve Ball/Counterfeit Drugs/The $125,000 QuestionUpload
25. Catastrophe/The N-Word/The ArchbishopUpload
26. The New Tax Havens/One Child at a Time/The Sage of St. AnthonyUpload
27. The Next Housing Shock/Gospel for TeensUpload
28. The Murder of Louis Allen/The Library/Albert PujolsUpload
29. Greg Mortenson/The Case of Beckett Brennan/The Co-FounderUpload
30. Mount Athos/The BillionaireUpload
31. Lara Logan/Mitch Landrieu/ZenyattaUpload
32. Killing Bin Laden: The President's StoryUpload
33. The Soldiers' Secretary/Afghanistan's Top Spy/Sovereign CitizensUpload
34. Armstrong/The FBI and the Grim ReaperUpload
35. Special Edition: U.S. v. Drake/Children in the Fields/Al SharptonUpload
36. Honor Our Soldiers: Medal of Honor/A Relentless EnemyUpload
37. The Speed Traders/City of David/Lady GagaUpload
38. Designing Life/The N-Word/The King's SpeechUpload
39. The Spark/Endless MemoryUpload
40. Hard Times Generation/WyntonUpload
41. The Murder of Louis Allen/One Child at a Time/The LibraryUpload
42. Shaleionaires/Stand Down/Market StreetUpload
43. Silver or Lead/The Gambler/In Search of the JaguarUpload
44. Resurrecting Eden/Mitch Landrieu/The SharkmanUpload
45. The Big Gamble/Brazil/Mark WahlbergUpload
46. The Next Housing Shock/The Co-Founder/EminemUpload
47. The New Tax Havens/Top Gear/Albert PujolsUpload
48. U.S. v. Drake/The 33/The ArchbishopUpload
49. Greg Mortenson/Gospel for TeensUpload
50. The Man Behind Wikileaks/Resurrecting the ExtinctUpload
51. The Interrogator/Remembering 9/11Upload
52. Never Seen the Like/Spy on the Ice/Jerry JonesUpload
1. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau/The Murder of an American Nazi/Parker & StoneUpload
2. After the Wave/Alone on the Wall/Andy RooneyUpload
3. The Jobs Czar/Revolution/The PlayerUpload
4. Running the War/The Life and Death of Vincent Van GoghUpload
5. Steve Jobs/Apps for AutismUpload
6. Madoffs/All AmericanUpload
7. A Lobbyist's Playbook/Operation Proper Exit/Andy RooneyUpload
8. Insiders/Taser/Freeman HrabowskiUpload
9. The Pledge/Christine Lagarde/Taylor SwiftUpload
10. Hard Times Generation/The Flavorists/AngelinaUpload
11. Prosecuting Wall Street/Michael BubléUpload
12. President Obama/Howard BuffettUpload
13. There Goes the Neighborhood/The Gardens of the Queen/The Many MerylsUpload
14. The Library/Mount AthosUpload
15. The Majority Leader/The Perfect Score/Alone on the WallUpload
16. Stem Cell Fraud/Marine Brothers/The Most Expensive Food in the WorldUpload
17. Groupon/Qatar/JakeUpload
18. Into the Wild: The Great Migration/The Secret Language of Elephants/Jane GoodallUpload
19. Defense Secretary Panetta/The Commissioner/Big Game HuntingUpload
20. Three Remarkable Women: Dolly/Vogue, Anna Wintour/The Many MerylsUpload
21. Deception at Duke/India's Gold/The Year of AdeleUpload
22. Trapped in Unemployment/Treating Depression/The Mozart of ChessUpload
23. Going to Extremes: The Birdmen/The Sharkman/Alone on the WallUpload
24. Stuxnet/The Archbishop of Dublin/RedshirtingUpload
25. The Spymaster Speaks/Teacher to the World/AerosmithUpload
26. SpaceX/Face BlindnessUpload
27. Resurrecting Chrysler/Evidence of Innocence/Novak DjokovicUpload
28. A Hard Landing/Sugar/Art MarketUpload
29. An Imperfect Union/The Sport of Kings/Joy in the CongoUpload
30. Remembering Mike WallaceUpload
31. The Case Against Lehman Brothers/Christians of the Holy Land/The Trouble with TreasureUpload
32. Hard Measures/HookedUpload
33. The Raptor/Cleaning Up Whitley County/Michael PhelpsUpload
34. Hank/The Gülen Movement/Role of a LifetimeUpload
35. Dropping Out/Hard Cases/Roger WatersUpload
36. Final Resting Place/Tel Aviv/The Many MerylsUpload
37. Honoring Our Troops: Never Seen the Like/Operation Proper Exit/Marine BrothersUpload
38. SpaceX/The Murder of an American Nazi/AngelinaUpload
39. Defense Secretary Panetta/Big Game Hunting/Parker & StoneUpload
40. Insiders/Freeman Hrabowski/Taylor SwiftUpload
41. Greg Mortenson/Howard Buffett/Novak DjokovicUpload
42. Stuxnet/Qatar/The Most Expensive Food in the WorldUpload
43. A Lobbyist's Playbook/Redshirting/The Mozart of ChessUpload
44. Evidence of Innocence/India's Gold/Michael PhelpsUpload
45. Hard Times Generation/The Life and Death of Vincent Van GoghUpload
46. Sugar/Face BlindnessUpload
47. Romney Ryan/Trapped in Unemployment/Joy in the CongoUpload
48. The Case Against Lehman Brothers/The Archbishop of Dublin/AerosmithUpload
49. The Pledge/Stem Cell Fraud/The Sport of KingsUpload
50. Resurrecting Chrysler/The Flavorists/Teacher to the WorldUpload
51. Killing Bin LadenUpload
52. The Spymaster Speaks/The Player/The Year of AdeleUpload
53. Campaign 2012Upload
1. The Longest War/ArnoldUpload
2. Huawei/Sticker Shock/RodriguezUpload
3. Aleppo/Coming Home/James BondUpload
4. Rocky Mountain High/Resignation/SpielbergUpload
5. The Death and Life of Asheboro/Stealing History/The Face of the FranchiseUpload
6. The Broken Senate/McCullough/Leader of the PackUpload
7. Belle Harbor/3 Million Open Jobs/McCulloughUpload
8. The Super Cartel/The Baby Lab/The College GameUpload
9. Children Helping Children/The New York City Ballet/Lion KingsUpload
10. The Cost of Admission/Three Generations of Punishment/Around the World in 20 DaysUpload
11. The False Confession Capital/The Race to Save the Tortoise/Hugh JackmanUpload
12. Newtown/Costa Concordia/The LibraryUpload
13. The Year of Adele/Rodriguez/Taylor SwiftUpload
14. Breakthrough/Morten Storm/Judd ApatowUpload
15. The Paper/Design Thinking/BarcaUpload
16. March of the Machines/Justice Sotomayor/Free DivingUpload
17. President Obama & Secretary Clinton/The Fall of Lance ArmstrongUpload
18. Attack in Algeria/40 Million Mistakes/LincolnUpload
19. Iron Dome/Africa Mercy/Dame MaggieUpload
20. The Life and Death of Clay Hunt/China's Real Estate Mogul/China's Real Estate BubbleUpload
21. Lethal Medicine/Sheryl Sandberg/God's ArchitectUpload
22. The American Nuns/The Innovator/Hit ManUpload
23. Crackdown in Russia/Blindsided/The Nile CrocodileUpload
24. The Pioneer Hotel Fire/The Lost BoysUpload
25. 12-14/LinsanityUpload
26. The Warlord/The Knuckleballer/Marfa, TexasUpload
27. The Boston Bombings/Sniffing for Bombs/The 9-11 MuseumUpload
28. Angel of Death/Rosie's Run for the RosesUpload
29. Counterinsurgency Cops/Robin Hood/Invisible WoundsUpload
30. The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan/Succeeding as Civilians/Bill Gates 2.0Upload
31. A Face in the Crowd/Three Generations of Punishment/Michael JacksonUpload
32. A Long and Dangerous Journey/Lion Kings/Taylor SwiftUpload
33. Breakthrough/Stealing History/Dame MaggieUpload
34. The Cost of Admission/Justice Sotomayor/God's ArchitectUpload
35. The Super Cartel/Sticker Shock/BarcaUpload
36. Evidence of Innocence/Crackdown in Russia/Design ThinkingUpload
37. Sheryl Sandberg/McCulloughUpload
38. Hugh Jackman/Lincoln/James BondUpload
39. Angel of Death/The Race to Save the TortoiseUpload
40. Sniffing for Bombs/The Lost BoysUpload
41. The American Nuns/Bill Gates 2.0/The Baby LabUpload
42. Counterinsurgency Cops/Africa Mercy/Marfa, TexasUpload
43. Lethal Medicine/China's Real Estate Mogul/China's Real Estate BubbleUpload
44. Morten Storm/Robin Hood/Free DivingUpload
45. 40 Million Mistakes/A Face in the Crowd/The Nile CrocodileUpload
46. Costa Concordia/Teacher to the World/The InnovatorUpload
47. March of the Machines/The 9-11 Museum/Michael JacksonUpload
48. Syria/The Briefer/Rocky Mountain HighUpload
1. The Secretary of State/Imminent Danger/Killing JesusUpload
2. Disability, USA/Super 6-1/Cosmic RouletteUpload
3. Detroit/Boy Wonder/RescueUpload
4. Washington's Open Secret/Dick Cheney's Heart/Return of the HumpbacksUpload
5. Benghazi/The Deputy Director/The Greatest Show on EarthUpload
6. Guantanamo/Lamborghini/The PerfectionistUpload
7. 210 Days in Captivity/GoPro/Capturing HistoryUpload
8. Gitmo/The Giving Pledge/The RecyclersUpload
9. The Gaskos/The War Within/GladwellUpload
10. Amazon/The Capitol Dome/Free DivingUpload
11. Mandela/SurvivorUpload
12. Inside the NSA/The CoptsUpload
13. Susan Rice/Rocky Mountain High/Quarterback GuruUpload
14. The Birdmen/Spy on the Ice/The Nile CrocodileUpload
15. The Cleantech Crash/Hollywood's Villain/VolcanoesUpload
16. The Case of Alex Rodriguez/Memory WizardsUpload
17. Rescue of Jessica Buchanan/The Lost BoysUpload
18. Nowhere to Go/Help Wanted/Jay LenoUpload
19. Amazing Kids: Boy Wonder/Children Helping Children/The Mozart of ChessUpload
20. Sex Matters/100,000 Homes/Philip Seymour HoffmanUpload
21. Enemy of the State/The F-35/Cate BlanchettUpload
22. Shooting at Chardon High/The Con Man/Liam NeesonUpload
23. The Gaskos/The Murder of an American Nazi/Stealing HistoryUpload
24. The Data Brokers/Heart of the Revolution/AlmaUpload
25. Bassem Youssef/Drones Over America/Cajun KetchupUpload
26. Manhunt/The Pink Panthers/The CartoonistUpload
27. Rigged/Fast Cars and Rocket Ships/The VirtuosoUpload
28. 3 Years Later/The Health Wagon/DiscoveredUpload
29. Francis/Hometown FavoriteUpload
30. Robin Hood/Memory Wizards/Joy in the CongoUpload
31. America's Missile Fields/Saving the ChildrenUpload
32. Over a Barrel/90+Upload
33. Washington's Open Secret/Emergency/Salmon in the SeaUpload
34. 8 Days in Tehran/The Capitol Dome/The RecyclersUpload
35. The War Within/Sex Matters/Liam NeesonUpload
36. The Shooting at Chardon High/The F-35/Capturing HistoyUpload
37. Imminent Danger/Bassem Youssef/Cosmic RouletteUpload
38. Sticker Shock/100,000 Homes/Jay LenoUpload
39. Disability, USA/Lamborghini/Cate BlanchettUpload
40. Hollywood's Villain/Gladwell/VolcanoesUpload
41. America's Missile Fields/DiscoveredUpload
42. The Giving Pledge/Rescue/The Greatest Show on EarthUpload
43. Help Wanted/Alma/The Nile CrocodileUpload
44. China's Real Estate Bubble/The Con Man/Cajun KetchupUpload
45. The Case of Alex Rodriguez/Go ProUpload
46. Rigged/The Health Wagon/The CartoonistUpload
47. The Databrokers/Three Years Later/Return of the HumpbacksUpload
48. The Pink Panthers/90+Upload
49. Over a Barrel/Saving the Children/The Quarterback GuruUpload
50. Nowhere to Go/The Gaskos/The PerfectionistUpload
51. Nowhere to Go, The Gaskos, Alabama Coach Nick SabanUpload
1. The Islamic State/The Tax Refund ScamUpload
2. President Obama/Chairman MaUpload
3. The Director/The Cost of Cancer Drugs/The Smartest Dog in the WorldUpload
4. The Director/The War on Leaks/Public EnemyUpload
5. Ending Life/Gold Rush/Saving HistoryUpload
6. Treating Ebola/Breeding Out Disease/Foo FightersUpload
7. Recruiting for ISIS/Under Fire/Blake SheltonUpload
8. The Ebola Hot Zone/Cleaning Up the VA/Steve CarellUpload
9. Water/Cardinal Sean/Mandy PatinkinUpload
10. Falling Apart/Chernobyl/Forgotten Corner of HellUpload
11. War and Hunger/Swiping Your Card/The Lion WhispererUpload
12. The Spill at Dan River/Disrupting Cancer/The City of MusicUpload
13. Denied/Inside Homs/MindfulnessUpload
14. Cuba/Senator Tom Coburn/Reese WitherspoonUpload
15. Pope Francis/The LibraryUpload
16. Ending America's Longest War/Alive and KickinUpload
17. Colorado Pot/Obamacare/UpUpload
18. The Republican Leaders/The Cleveland Division/Li NaUpload
19. Foo Fighters/Blake Shelton/City of MusicUpload
20. Darpa Dan/The Swiss Leaks/SelmaUpload
21. ZMapp/A New Kind of Terrorist/Bradley CooperUpload
22. Remembering Bob SimonUpload
23. The Storm After the Storm/Lumber Liquidators/Who Is Larry David?Upload
24. Who Killed the Prosecutor?/Coming Home/The MaestroUpload
25. Dead or Alive/A Few Good Women/Back to the WildUpload
26. Iraq's Christians/Rare Earth Elements/StarstruckUpload
27. Bashar Al-Assad/Killing CancerUpload
28. Homeland Security/The Good Friday Agreement/WikimaniaUpload
29. The Attack on Sony/Ambassador Kennedy/Rush to JudgmentUpload
30. A Crime Against Humanity/TED Talks/Hoop DreamsUpload
31. Death in the Mediterranean/The Battle AboveUpload
32. The Lesson of War/All-American/Whisky IslandUpload
33. The Spy Among Us/Misty CopelandUpload
34. An Unlikely Informant/The Unknown America/The King of CrossFitUpload
35. A Monumental Project/Child Suicide Bombers/Falling ApartUpload
36. Ending America's Longest War/Coming Home/A Forgotten Corner of HellUpload
37. The Cleveland Division/Water/Who Is Larry David?Upload
38. Colorado Pot/The Storm After the Storm/Bradley CooperUpload
39. Recruiting for Isis/The Spill at Dan River/The Smartest Dog in the WorldUpload
40. The Director/The Cost of Cancer Drugs/Saving HistoryUpload
41. The Tax Refund Scam/Cleaning Up the VA/Foo FightersUpload
42. Dead or Alive/Breeding Out Disease/Steve CarellUpload
43. The Swiss Leaks/Alive and KickinUpload
44. Rare Earth Elements/Ending Life/All-AmericanUpload
45. The Gaskos/Wikimania/StarstruckUpload
46. Denied/The Battle AboveUpload
47. War and Hunger/Ted Talks/Back to the WildUpload
48. Lumber Liquidators/A Monumental Project/The Unknown AmericaUpload
49. A Crime Against Humanity/Senator Tom Coburn/Misty CopelandUpload
50. The Spy Among Us/Li NaUpload
51. The Attack on Sony/Cardinal Sean/MindfulnessUpload
52. Iraq's Christians/Shooting at Chardon High/The King of CrossFitUpload
53. President Rouhani/Pope Francis/The Smartest Dog in the WorldUpload
1. President Putin/Trump/The Greatest EscapeUpload
2. Hands Off the Wheel/Patrick Kennedy/The Hidden HolocaustUpload
3. President Obama/30 Years on Death RowUpload
4. Seeking Asylum/Make-A-Wish/Revis IslandUpload
5. Vice President Biden/Inside the Air War/The New BurmaUpload
6. 1232x 0.0
7. Into Dangerous Hands/The Collider/HamiltonUpload
8. The Paris Attacks/The Speaker of the House/Football and the BrainUpload
9. Active Shooter/Common Enemy/The Future of MoneyUpload
10. The Last Prisoner/The Execution of Joseph Wood/Taking on the EigerUpload
11. Confidential Informants/Bonobos/Harry A. Radliffe IIUpload
12. Hands Off the Wheel/The Spy Among UsUpload
13. A New Direction on Drugs/The New Force Behind Star Wars/Lewis HamiltonUpload
14. Inside Apple/Michael CaineUpload
15. The Gaskos/Gotti/The FBI's WiseguyUpload
16. Lost in the Bermuda Triangle/Agromafia/Little Jazz ManUpload
17. The Road to Syria/Life After Death Row/HamiltonUpload
18. The Great Brain Robbery/Sean Penn/The Mountain Lions of L.A.Upload
19. Make-A-Wish/The Health Wagon/The Giving PledgeUpload
20. Heroin in the Heartland/Alive and Kickin'/David BowieUpload
21. Anonymous Inc./Top of the WorldUpload
22. Director Brennan/FIFA/Danny ClinchUpload
23. El Chapo/The Hostage/And the Nominees AreUpload
24. A Monumental Project/Saving History/God's ArchitectUpload
25. Dead or Alive/Face BlindnessUpload
26. Prime Minister Trudeau/King of Coal/Death Row in Livingston TexasUpload
27. Encryption/Aid in Dying/StarchitectUpload
28. Presidente Macri/Cornel West/The Resurrection of St. Benedict'sUpload
29. Crime and Punishment/Christopher Wheeldon/BubbaUpload
30. The 28 Pages/Rising in the East/Switching TeamsUpload
31. Not Paid/Rikers Island/Hacking Your PhoneUpload
32. The Heroin Epidemic/Dialing for Dollars/Gold Star ParentsUpload
33. Strike-Through/Fintech/The Children's VillageUpload
34. Russia's Dark Secret/The Killing Machine/Earthquake AlleyUpload
35. Breakthrough Status/Collateral DamageUpload
36. Morley Safer: A Reporter's LifeUpload
37. All in the Family/Inside Edge/Valerie JarrettUpload
38. After Shock/$80 Million Con/The Last VaquitasUpload
39. Director Brennan/King of Coal/The Future of MoneyUpload
40. A New Direction in Drugs/The Greatest/Little Jazz ManUpload
41. Lost in the Bermuda Triangle/HamiltonUpload
42. Smart Guns/The 28 Pages/Taking on the EigerUpload
43. El Chapo/The Resurrection of St. Benedict's/BubbaUpload
44. The New Force Behind Star Wars/Michael Caine/And the Nominees AreUpload
45. The Gaskos/The Execution of Joseph Wood/Danny ClinchUpload
46. The Republican Ticket/Bastille Day Tragedy/The Mountain Lions of L.A.Upload
47. The Democratic Ticket/Make-A-WishUpload
48. Life After Death Row/Top of the World/The Children's VillageUpload
49. Heroin in the Heartland/Christopher Wheeldon/BonobosUpload
50. Not Paid/Hidden Holocaust/Lewis HamiltonUpload
51. Strike-Through/Fintech/The Slave ShipUpload
52. Anonymous Inc./Switching TeamsUpload
53. Hacking Your Phone/30 Years on Death Row/The ColliderUpload
54. The 9-11 Museum/Gold Star Parents/Earthquake AlleyUpload
55. The Libertarian Ticket/The New Cold War/Rising in the EastUpload
1. The King/The New Cold War/The Picasso PortfolioUpload
2. The Arctic Frontier/Nate Parker/Don't Mess with Mary QuinUpload
3. Artificial Intelligence/Breaking Good/Gorilla DoctorsUpload
4. Finding Refuge/The Brothers RosenbergUpload
5. Ask Ohio/Thrown for a Loss/The InfluencersUpload
6. In God's Name/The Pot Vote/The Music of Zomba PrisonUpload
7. The Battle for Mosul/The National Mood/The Zika VirusUpload
8. The 45th PresidentUpload
9. Turkey/The Match of Their Lives/Bruno MarsUpload
10. The Prime Minister/The Alzheimer's Laboratory/Fidel CastroUpload
11. The Speaker of the House/The Golden Triangle/Drive-by LawsuitsUpload
12. Benjamin Netanyahu/The New Colombia/LostUpload
13. The White Helmets/The Pope's Choir/DenzelUpload
14. The Pope's Choir/HamiltonUpload
15. Crisis in Chicago/Passports for Sale/The Rum WarUpload
16. The Hostage Policy/The Coming Swarm/The Hunt for Planet NineUpload
17. Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White HouseUpload
18. Finding Refuge/Avalanche/Enhancing the BikeUpload
19. Hamilton/The Pope's ChoirUpload
20. Adele & Beyonce/Bruno MarsUpload
21. The North Korean Threat/Remington 700/USA GymnasticsUpload
22. El Chapo/Life After Death Row/The Music of Zomba PrisonUpload
23. The Alzheimer's Laboratory/Taking on the EigerUpload
24. Le Pen/Voices of the Lost/Saving the LionsUpload
25. Poisoned/Prisoner 760Upload
26. You're Fired/Fighting Famine/New Kid on the StreetUpload
27. Attack in Garland/Fake News/Chess CountryUpload
28. Shots Fire/Peter MarinoUpload
29. Brain Hacking/Chief of Chobani/Japan's Babe RuthUpload
30. Return to Newtown/Defenseless/Out of DarknessUpload
31. Bloomberg/The Judge/The American SteeplechaseUpload
32. Tawdry Tales/Norman Seeff's Archive/Starr StudentsUpload
33. Deported/The Nuremberg Prosecutor/Theo and JoeUpload
34. James Comey/The Bin Laden Documents/CuriosityUpload
35. Sanctuary/Cook County Jail/Enemy of the StateUpload
36. Operation Car Wash/Snitches/Space ArchaeologyUpload
37. A Survivor's March/In the Path of Fire/Life in Outer SpaceUpload
38. Poisoned/Chief of Chobani/Gorilla DoctorsUpload
39. The North Korean Threat/Brain Hacking/Bruno MarsUpload
40. The White Helmets/Passports for Sale/Chess CountryUpload
41. Artificial Intelligence/Japan's Babe RuthUpload
42. In God's Name/Saving the Lions/The Music of Zomba PrisonUpload
43. The Alzheimer's Laboratory/Breaking GoodUpload
44. The Hostage Policy/Out of Darkness/Enemy of the StateUpload
45. Tawdry Tales/The Brothers RosenbergUpload
46. Prisoner 760/The Picasso PortfolioUpload
47. Return to Newtown/Strike-Through/Peter MarinoUpload
48. You're Fired/Remington 700/The American SteeplechaseUpload
49. Attack in Garland/The Coming Swarm/LostUpload
50. Bloomberg/Cook County Jail/The King of CrossfitUpload
51. The Storm After the Storm/Enhancing the Bike/New Kid on the StreetUpload
52. Steve Bannon/The Arctic FrontierUpload
53. Heroin in the Heartland/Le CarreUpload
1. Hurricane/The Fighter/DividedUpload
2. The Shooting/Vast/The Young AmericanUpload
3. Storming Room 135/Secret Weapon/The RestaurateurUpload
4. The Whistleblower/RedemptionUpload
5. Inside Al Qaeda/Pelican Bay/CorkscrewedUpload
6. God of War/The Blockade of Qatar/The ForgerUpload
7. Puerto Rico/The Leaning Tower of San Francisco/AlmaUpload
8. Friendly Fire/Aly RaismanUpload
9. Catastrophe/Voyagers/Rebuilding from the WreckageUpload
10. Feeding Puerto Rico/The Wounds of War/The Isle of EiggUpload
11. Fifty Years of 60 MinutesUpload
12. The Governor/The Challenger/Donald SutherlandUpload
13. To Big to Prosecute/An American Terrorist/AirliftUpload
14. Delivered from Evil/Japan's Babe Ruth/Whisky IslandUpload
15. Make-A-Wish/The Health Wagon/Chess CountryUpload
16. Disinformation Warfare/Predicting Murder/ImpactUpload
17. Kabul Under Siege/Element of Truth/PortlandUpload
18. The Leaning Tower of San Francisco/Le CarreUpload
19. Chief of Chobani/The Rum War/The RestaurateurUpload
20. Showdown/Olympic Cheating/Senator GillibrandUpload
21. Secretary Tillerson/Divided IIUpload
22. War Crime/JR/Jennifer LawrenceUpload
23. Crime and Punishment/Redemption/The Music of Zomba PrisonUpload
24. Human Cargo/Secretary of Education/Treating TraumaUpload
25. The Monuments/ClonesUpload
26. The Students of Stoneman Douglas/Heir to the ThroneUpload
27. Stormy Daniels/The Greek FreakUpload
28. Mancini's Brain/Second Act/The Scrolls of HerculaneumUpload
29. Hacking Democracy/The Legacy of Lynching/Harvard LampoonUpload
30. Flying Under the Radar/Pay UpUpload
31. The Data Miner/The Future Factory/For Better or for WorseUpload
32. Crispr/The Price of Admission/SeaweedUpload
33. The Rockford File/Orphans of War/Into the WildUpload
34. 100,000 Women/Saving a Generation/Shock TherapyUpload
35. Pope Francis/At the ZooUpload
36. The Real Power of Google/The Theranos Deception/The Spotted PigUpload
37. Friendly Fire/The Rhino CrisisUpload
38. Kabul Under Siege/Feeding Puerto Rico/The Greek FreakUpload
39. Singapore Stakes/Secret Weapon/JRUpload
40. The Whistleblower/Donald SutherlandUpload
41. Human Cargo/The Governor/The Isle of EiggUpload
42. Fifty Years of 60 MinutesUpload
43. Redemption/Voyagers/The Young AmericanUpload
44. The Monuments/Seaweed/AlmaUpload
45. Pelican Bay/Vast/The AirliftUpload
46. Inside Al Qaeda/At the ZooUpload
47. The Wounds of War/The Leaning Tower of San Francisco/Jennifer LawrenceUpload
48. Hacking Democracy/The Legacy of the Lynching/For Better or for WorseUpload
49. War Crime/Saving a Generation/Second ActUpload
50. The Fighter/Collateral Damage/Harvard LampoonUpload
51. The Data Miner/The Shooting/The Price of AdmissionUpload
52. Aly Raisman/ClonesUpload
53. The Theranos Deception/Impact/The Future FactoryUpload
54. The Dutch Solution/The Real Power of Google/Into the WildUpload
1. Paul McCartney/The Compromise/Inside the EpidemicUpload
2. The Kavanaugh Vote/John Green/The Pavarotti of PastaUpload
3. President Trump/Photo ArkUpload
4. Genetic Genealogy/Off the Rails/Fly Like an EagleUpload
5. Inside the Secret Archive/America's War Against ISIS/JaapUpload
6. High Velocity/As Goes Texas/The Ride of His LifeUpload
7. Your Data/Ultra Deep/The PactUpload
8. A Dose of Hope/A Dose of Greed/Tim GreenUpload
9. Chaos on the Border/Robots to the Rescue/To Kill a MockingbirdUpload
10. President George H.W. Bush/Paradise LostUpload
11. Elon Musk/Screen Time/Ryan Speedo GreenUpload
12. Taking Aim at Opioids/Plastic PlagueUpload
13. To Catch a Spy/Malta/The Wolves of YellowstoneUpload
14. The Pavarotti of Pasta/Whisky Island/Paul McCartneyUpload
15. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez/President El-Sisi/The Unlikely InventorUpload
16. The Committee/The Oracle of A.I./A Different Kind of VisionUpload
17. Howard Schultz/Small Satellites, Big Data/Jerry and Marge SelbeeUpload
18. Investigating the President/The Chibok GirlsUpload
19. The Label/Double Crossed/Made in ChinaUpload
20. This is No Ordinary Lawsuit/Off Track/Cracking the CodeUpload
21. The Chairman/ACLU/Genetic RevolutionUpload
22. Targeting Americans/Billionaire on the Bus/MonacoUpload
23. Pegasus/All Bets Are On/Samuel L. JacksonUpload
24. Survivors' Network/Pleistocene Park/The RockUpload
25. The Principles of Ray Dalio/A Radical Solution/AttuUpload
26. Nancy Pelosi/Game of Thrones/Last Shot in OaklandUpload
27. A Marriage Made in Hell/Superbugs/Easter IslandUpload
28. On the Border/Online Overdose/The High NorthUpload
29. Ransomware/Frontotemporal Dementia/Polar PunkUpload
30. The Price of Generics/The Most Unlikely Meeting/Mark BradfordUpload
31. One Loose Thread/Rainbow Railroad/Bitcoin's Wild RideUpload
32. Friendly Fire/AttuUpload
33. The Chairman/Last Shot in Oakland/To Kill a MockingbirdUpload
34. Rare Earth Elements/Jerry and Marge Selbee/Samuel L. Jackson/Upload
35. SGB/Huntington, WV/Game of ThronesUpload
36. Ryan Speedo Green/The Photo Ark/JaapUpload
37. High Velocity/This is No Ordinary Lawsuit/Paul McCartneyUpload
38. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez/Malta/The Unlikely InventorUpload
39. Taking Aim at Opioids/The Nuremberg Prosecutor/Into the WildUpload
40. Billionaire on the Bus/Pleistocene Park/JRUpload
41. The Oracle of A.I./John Green/The Pavarotti of PastaUpload
42. The Dutch Solution/Redemption/Fly Like An EagleUpload
43. The Principles of Ray Dalio/Robots to the Rescue/MonacoUpload
44. Survivors Network/Ultra Deep/The Future FactoryUpload
45. To Catch a Spy/A Different Kind of Vision/AlmaUpload
46. Pegasus/Plastic PlagueUpload
47. Ransomware/Inside the Epidemic/Tim GreenUpload
48. Targeting Americans/A Radical Solution/The Ride of His LifeUpload
49. Steve Kroft/The Isle of EiggUpload
50. Online Overdose/Frontotemporal Dementia/Mark BradfordUpload
51. Know My Name/The PactUpload
1. The Impeachment Inquiry/Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman/Great WhiteUpload
2. The Impeachment Debate/The Ranger and the Serial Killer/The Farmer's AdvocateUpload
3. Hong Kong/Nadia/Psychedelic ScienceUpload
4. Tree of Life/Madame Lagarde/The Columbus LettersUpload
5. Joe Biden/The Emerald Triangle/Giant PandaUpload
6. Maria Butina/The Battle of Brexit/The Wright WayUpload
7. Jamie Dimon/Dimon in Detroit/Targeting the TruthUpload
8. Red Flag/Into the Deep/The Youngest RefugeesUpload
9. The Russian Hack/Tania's Story/Mind ReadingUpload
10. Youtube/Unsheltered/Built by AngelsUpload
11. Ultra Deep/Fly Like an Eagle/Easter IslandUpload
12. Genetic Information Age/City on a Hill/The SandmanUpload
13. A Central Ally/The Lost MusicUpload
14. Mark Bradford/The Pavarotti of Pasta/Built by AngelsUpload
15. Genetic Revolution/Psychedelic Science/A Radical SolutionUpload
16. Inside Jeffrey Epstein's Cell/Antibiotics on the Farm/ShakiraUpload
17. Venice is Drowning/Joaquin Phoenix/RafaUpload
18. Great Whites/The Wolves of Yellowstone/The Photo ArkUpload
19. Frontotemporal Dementia/Pleistocene Park/John GreenUpload
20. Ultra Deep/Fly Like an Eagle/Easter IslandUpload
21. A Continent on Fire/The Server/West Side StoryUpload
22. Bernie Sanders/298 Counts of Murder/Vision of MusicUpload
23. Michael Bloomberg/The Trial of a Navy Seal/Array of HopeUpload
24. Coronavirus/Fiona Hill/ElfstedentochtUpload
25. On the Frontline/Children of Flint/Kings of the RoadUpload
26. Stopping the Virus/The Economic Emergency/A Populist MovementUpload
27. The Epicenter/Brenè Brown/The African Basketball TrailUpload
28. Critical Condition/Talking to the PastUpload
29. Short Supply/Staying Well/The Resurrection of St. NicholasUpload
30. Life and Death/Feeding a Nation/The Crown Prince of KabukiUpload
31. On the Line/Outbreak Science/The Unseen EnemyUpload
32. The Jobless/Where Did the Money Go?/The State of TexasUpload
33. Pandemic Politics/Amazon/Ghost GunsUpload
34. Chairman of the Federal Reserve/Whistleblower/The ReckoningUpload
35. The Promise of Plasma/Spilling Across the Border/PerseveranceUpload
36. Nation in Crisis/A Long Siege/Failure to ProtectUpload
37. The Lost MusicUpload
38. The College Test/Exhume the Truth/Three Empty ChairsUpload
39. The Chief/The Opioid PlaybookUpload
40. Voting in the Pandemic/Wild West of Testing/ProbioticsUpload
41. Children of Flint/A Different Kind of Vision/RafaUpload
42. 298 Counts of Murder/The Monuments/West Side StoryUpload
43. Nadia/A Populist Movement/The Wright WayUpload
44. Genetic Revolution/The Youngest Refugees/Vision of MusicUpload
45. The Emerald Triangle/The Columbus Letters/Built by AngelsUpload
46. Know My Name/Giant PandaUpload
47. Psychedelic Science/Malta/ShakiraUpload
48. The Russian Hack/Kings of the Road/The SandmanUpload
49. Red Flag/Talking to the PastUpload
50. The Ranger and the Serial Killer/Mind Reading/The Resurrection of St. NicholasUpload
51. Mr. Woodward? The President/Spilling Across the Border/Joaquin PhoenixUpload
1. The Battle for the Ballot/H.R. McMaster/Coach O and the Sideways SeasonUpload
2. Florida's Amendment 4/The Wall/Sir DavidUpload
3. Cause and Effect/Talent on the Spectrum/Seinfeld in 2020Upload
4. Nadia/A Different Kind of Vision/The Wright WayUpload
5. Latest COVID-19 Therapies/The Lincoln Prject/Grizzly BearsUpload
6. Putin's Public Enemy/Dr. Fauci/Hell FlightUpload
7. The Republican Ticket, The Democratic TicketUpload
8. Episode #53.8Upload
9. Ohio Voters/Early Voting Tabulation in Arizona/Federal Interference in COVID-19 Patient CareUpload
10. Ballot counting in Pennsylvania/Operation Warp Speed/Ken Burns on AmericaUpload
11. Former President Barack Obama/TikTok and Data CollectionUpload
12. Recurring COVID-19 Symptoms/School Enrollments Inexplicably Down/Secrets to a Long LifeUpload
13. Chris Krebs/Descendants of Last Slave Ship/James CordenUpload
14. Peddling PPE/Secondary Sports/Viola DavisUpload
15. Saudi Fugitives; The High Cost Of Healing; Excited DeliriumUpload
16. An End In Sight, Justice Defenders, Built By AngelsUpload
17. 60 Minutes Presents: Home For The HolidaysUpload
18. Section 230/The Case Against Curtis Flowers/Notes of GraceUpload
19. Speaker Nancy Pelosi/Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger/Senator Angus KingUpload
20. Presidential Inauguration Security/Siege on the US Capitol/Alex Smith's ComebackUpload
21. Family Members Lost to COVID/Race to Collect DNA & Medical Data/Genealogy Firms & Privacy ConcernsUpload
22. SolarWinds/Bill Gates 3.0/Simone BilesUpload
23. Attack on the Judiciary/Handcuffed to the Truth/QAnonUpload
24. Progress & Patience/Incoming/Colson WhiteheadUpload
25. The Unusual Recession/The Long Shot/Back to the MoonUpload
26. Variants/The Prosecutor/Best Band in the LandUpload
27. Prosecuting the Riot/Race in the Ranks/Back to SchoolUpload
28. What Happened in Wuhan?; Dynamic Robots; Kindred in the BleachersUpload
29. A Fair Shot/Darren Walker/SurvivalUpload
30. Chairman Powell/The Last Pandemic/Prince and the RevelationUpload
31. The Oath Keepers/Race & Health/Viola DavisUpload
32. The Prosecutors/Putin's Public Enemy/ShowstoppersUpload
33. The Secretary of State; Chips; The PremonitionUpload
34. Ingenuity and Perseverance/The Ritchie BoysUpload
35. Facial Recognition/UAP/RafaUpload
36. Transgender Healthcare/Geldingadalir/Exhume the TruthUpload
37. Attacks on the Juidiciary/90+/Notes of GraceUpload
38. What Happened in Wuhan?, Ransomware, Sir DavidUpload
39. High Velocity, The Last Slave Ship, Simone BilesUpload
40. The Prosecutors, The Oath Keepers, Japan's Babe RuthUpload
41. Targeting Americans, The Nuremberg Prosecutor, James CordenUpload
42. SolarWinds, Ken Burns, Best Band in the LandUpload
43. Handcuffed to the Truth, Robots to the Rescue, Colson WhiteheadUpload
44. Left Behind, Talent on the Spectrum, SurvivalUpload
45. The Case Against Curtis Flowers; The Wright Way; Prince and the RevelationUpload
46. Ingenuity and Perseverance; Darren Walker; The PremonitionUpload
47. Incoming; Dynamic Robots; GrizzliesUpload
48. Hell Flight; Justice Defenders; Kings of the RoadUpload
49. Race in the Ranks, Geldingadalir, Kindred in the BleachersUpload
50. Chips, UAP, The ComebackUpload
51. The Last Pandemic/The Ritchie BoysUpload
1. 9.11: the FDNYUpload
2. Take the Fight to the Night/Rep. Liz Cheney/King of the DeepUpload
3. The Facebook Whistleblower/Unforgiven/The Final ActUpload
4. Deepfakes/1,000 Children/Deep SpringsUpload
5. Robert Gates/The Green River Drift/Whither ye Olde English PubUpload
6. Prince vs. Spy/Running Dry/Michael KeatonUpload
7. Democracy Lost/A New Model/The Future of SapiensUpload
8. Missouri's New Gun Law/The Longest Running Oil Spill/Carnegie HeroesUpload
9. Freight Expectations/Andrew Sullivan/The Get Back SessionsUpload
10. Reimagining Police/Supersonic/Caligula's GardensUpload
11. Hazing/Saving the Mountain Gorilla/Rita MorenoUpload
12. Reality Winner/China's Next Revolution?/GucciUpload
13. Negotiating with the Taliban/Let There Be Light/An Island Off an IslandUpload
14. Tornadoes/America's Dirty Secret/Trevor NoahUpload
15. Weather and Wine/Drawing Truth to PowerUpload
16. The Ritchie BoysUpload
17. The Big Quit/One Small Step/The KickerUpload
18. The Betrayal; Chris StapletonUpload
19. An Hour of MusicUpload
20. Wildlife TourUpload
21. Death in Training/Breaking Point/Canada's Unmarked GravesUpload
22. Cheers!Upload
23. Ukraine/Targeting AmericansUpload
24. Headlines from Ukraine/The Grid/Wrongful Detainees/Headlines, Deadlines and Bottm LinesUpload
25. Ukraine/State of the Pandemic/Flying BlindUpload
26. Headlines from Ukraine/Voting Rights & Wrongs/Secretary Pete/The Improbable Tale of Ted LassoUpload
27. Economic Shock and Awe; Through the Roof; Sue BirdUpload
28. Capturing HistoryUpload
29. Ukraine; Londongrad; Laurie AndersonUpload
30. President Zelenskyy/Bitcoin BeachUpload
31. Shields Up/Running Volkswagen/eVTOLsUpload
32. Director of the FBI/Examining the Bin Laden Papers/Mayor AdamsUpload
33. Harvest of War/Eurovision/Birds Aren't RealUpload
34. Mark Esper/Crisis/Ballet in ExileUpload
35. Bellingcat/SharswoodUpload
36. In Short Supply/Chicago Hope/Jonas KaufmannUpload
37. 60 Minutes Presents: Cheers!Upload
38. High Velocity/The Green River Drift/Caligula's GardensUpload
39. Longest Running Oil Spill; Canada's Unmarked Graves; Carnegie HeroesUpload
40. Wrongful Detainees; Headlines, Deadlines, Bottom Lines; Rita MorenoUpload
41. Londongrad, Democracy Lost, Trevor NoahUpload
42. 60 Minutes Presents - Working DadsUpload
43. Targeting Americans, Take the Fight to the NightUpload
44. An Hour of MusicUpload
45. Looking Toward the FutureUpload
46. The Ritchie BoysUpload
47. Prince v. Spy, Supersonic, The Improbable Tale of Ted LassoUpload
48. Saving the Mountain Gorillas; Deep Springs, GucciUpload
49. Reality Winner, Array of Hope, Laurie AndersonUpload
50. Deepfakes; Drawing Truth to Power; King of the DeepUpload
51. Death in Training; An Island off an Island; Flying BlindUpload
52. Running Dry; Hope Chicago; EurovisionUpload
53. Bellingcat; Justice Defenders; Ballet in ExileUpload
54. The Grid; SharswoodUpload
55. Crisis; A New Model; The KickerUpload
56. Queen Elizabeth II begins her final journey; 9/11: The FDNYUpload
1. President Biden/Raisi of IranUpload
2. The Secretary of State/Inside the Committee/Rescuing ReefsUpload
3. Olena Zelenska/What Happened at Grizzly Flats?/Captain KolisiUpload
4. Taiwan/After Ian/Church and StateUpload
5. The Lost Souls of Bucha/The Power of Grimsby/Coach PrimeUpload
6. Dominion/American Prairie/Ina GartenUpload
7. Belief in the Ballot/Pathogen X/David SedarisUpload
8. Angry in America/Buses from the Border/Ready or NotUpload
9. The Surfside Mystery/The Paper Brigade/Sona and the KoraUpload
10. The Most Dangerous Place in the World/The Panini Sticker Phenomenon/Wild HorsesUpload
11. Grave Injustice/Survival of the Friendliest/Comparative OncologyUpload
12. The French President/Return to Gorongosa/The South Dakota KidUpload
13. The Treasury Secretary/Suing Social Media/College of MagicUpload
14. Convoy of Life/Litigation Funding/LourdesUpload
15. 60 Minutes Presents: Eat, Drink & Be Merry!Upload
16. Radio Free Europe/The Vanishing Wild/ObesityUpload
17. Prince Harry/A Hans Zimmer ScoreUpload
18. Star Power/Hide and Seek/The GuruUpload
19. 60 Minutes Presents: Stories That Inspire: Carnegie Heroes/Ballet in Exile/Flying BlindUpload
20. The IMF Report/Investigating Donald Trump/Red Hot Chili PeppersUpload
21. 60 Minutes Presents: Revisiting the Past: Canada's Unmarked Graves/SharswoodUpload
22. Candles Against the Darkness/Prime Minister Marin/The HistoryMakersUpload
23. 1181x 0.0
24. Please Let Me Die/Who Is Minding the Chatbots?/David ByrneUpload
25. 60 Minutes Presents: Tales of Our Four-Legged FriendsUpload
26. The State of the Navy/Only in AmericaUpload
27. Feeling of Feeling/Silicon Valley Scandal/Charles BarkleyUpload
28. MTG/The Secretary and the Border/Land of Fire and IceUpload
29. The Origin of Everything/Sportswashing/The Resurrection of Notre DameUpload
30. The Revolution/The Unlikely Adventures of David GrannUpload
31. Healing and Hope/Who Is Ray Epps?/Nicolas CageUpload
32. The Domino Effect/Out of Thin Air/An American Down UnderUpload
33. The Ancient Atrocity/Lithium Valley/James NachtweyUpload
34. The Church's Firm/The Sperm Whales of Dominica/Yannick Nézet-SéguinUpload
35. Price Gouging/Targeting Seniors/Jeff KoonsUpload
36. Radio Free Europe/Return to Gorongosa/The GuruUpload
37. 60 Minutes Presents: Revisiting the Past: Canada's Unmarked Graves/SharswoodUpload
38. Suing Social Media/Prince HarryUpload
39. Crisis/Land of Fire and Ice/Survival of the FriendliestUpload
40. The Revolution/David ByrneUpload
41. Please Let Me Die/Taiwan/Red Hot Chili PeppersUpload
42. Convoy of Life/Sportswashing/A Hans Zimmer ScoreUpload
43. The State of the Navy/Only in AmericaUpload
44. The Revolution/Nicolas CageUpload
45. Feeling of Feeling/The Girls of SOLAUpload
46. Litigation Funding/The Historymakers/The Unlikely Adventures of David GrannUpload
47. The Power of Grimsby/Lourdes/The South Dakota KidUpload
48. Grave Injustice/Running Dry/Charles BarkleyUpload
49. Pathogen X/Sona and the Kora/The Panini Sticker PhenomenonUpload
50. Silicon Valley Scandal/American Prairie/James NachtweyUpload
51. Who Is Ray Epps?/The Domino Effect/Yannick Nézet-SéguinUpload
52. Targeting Seniors/The Resurrection of Notre Dame/The Sperm Whales of DominicaUpload
53. Hide and Seek/An American Down Under/Jeff KoonsUpload
54. 9.11: The FDNYUpload
1. President Zelenskyy/Into the Streets/Prime Time in ColoradoUpload
2. CARE Court/Bankrolling the War/Hanging OnUpload
3. The Attorney General/The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-FriedUpload
4. The Godfather of AI/General Milley/Rich Paul/3D PrintingUpload
5. President Biden/Rescue at the Kibbutz/The 50Upload
6. The Five Eyes/A Prisoner of Iran/Pink/The Isle of ManUpload
7. Vice President Harris/A Quiet Invasion/The Air We Breathe/The State of the BluesUpload
8. John Eastman/Our Mistake Is Your Responsibility/Monkey IslandUpload
9. Iran's Assassins/The Heritage War/Horse Racing Reform?Upload
10. Disappeared/The Stand/The Underboss/AfricatownUpload
11. Rise/Sealand/Ancient VinesUpload
12. Chaos on Campus/Quantum Computing/Greta GerwigUpload
13. The Resistance/Red and Green/Novak DjokovicUpload
14. The Hostage Story/The Looting of Cambodia/GnawaUpload
15. 60 Minutes Presents: Animal MagnetismUpload
16. Commercial Real Estate/Master of the MindUpload
17. Agency in Crisis/Interpol/Modern ArkUpload
18. Chairman Powell/A Hole in the System/The MismatchUpload
19. Crisis in the Red Sea/Fake Electors/Finding Cillian MurphyUpload
20. 142 Days in Gaza/An American in ChinaUpload
21. Operation Lone Star/97 Books/ArtemisUpload
22. Rise/Jeff KoonsUpload
23. 60 Minutes Presents: Take Me AwayUpload
24. The Capital of Free Russia/Healing JusticeUpload
25. The Right to Be Wrong/AMLO/Law of the SeaUpload
26. Targeting Americans/Indian RelayUpload
27. Dr. Kuznetzov/Your Chatbot Will See You Now/The RingUpload
28. Scattered Spider/Knife/Tasmanian TigerUpload
29. Secretary of Commerce/On British Soil/Kevin HartUpload
30. Children of War/NVIDIA/Crisis at Pearl HarborUpload
31. Leader Jeffries/Work to Own/St. Mary'sUpload
32. A Week in Israel/A Web of IntrigueUpload
33. Pope Francis/Cuban Spycraft/The AlbumUpload
34. Operation Lone Star/The Isle of ManUpload
35. 60 Minutes Presents: Animal Magnetism: The Sperm Whales of Dominica/Monkey Island/Hanging OnUpload
36. Fake Electors/A Prisoner of Iran/Rich PaulUpload
37. An American in China/A Quiet InvasionUpload
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