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Animal Crackers (1997) subtitles

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imdbThe Animal Crackers is a 1997 television series produced by Cinar, and association with Alphanim, about a group of animals that live in a fictional jungle called Freeborn. It is based on the comic strip Animal Crackers. The show aired in the United States on Fox Family in 1998 and the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV from November 2008 to August 2009.

Movie rating: 7.8 / 10 (112)

Season: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #unclassified episodes

Cast: - - - -

AKA: Animal Crackers

Movie name # DownloadedMovie rating Latest
1. High Gnu'in/Eu-GenialUpload
2. Dino-Sore-As-Heck/Wilderness Training 101Upload
3. Treasure of the Preserva Freeborna/Call WaitingUpload
4. For Goodness Snakes/Meat the FolksUpload
5. If You Can't Be'em, Join'em/Spring FeverUpload
6. Pachyderm Epidemic/Herd MentalityUpload
7. Going Quakers/BlockbustedUpload
8. Pachy My Bags/Mommy DearestUpload
9. Sherlock Dodo/PoultrygeistUpload
10. Lyle's Psychic Alliance/Snowed InnUpload
11. Svelte Veldt/All the Preserve's a StageUpload
12. It's a Date/Woolly for BullyUpload
13. Lights, Camera, Lyle!/Bud and Edna's Excellent Adventure!Upload
1. Sleepover/Classified CasanovaUpload
2. Eight Hooves Out/My Brother's KeeperUpload
3. Lyle's Ark/How to be a MillionaireUpload
4. Lyle Files/The Butler Did ItUpload
5. Lyle in the Fast Lane/A Wing and a PrayerUpload
6. Schooldaze/Call of the WildUpload
7. The Cold Scholder/The Last Dodo EggUpload
8. Lana Tuner Overdrive/Trust MeUpload
9. Birthday Palooza/Tito in LoveUpload
10. Downsizing/Gnus in CanoesUpload
11. Beauty and Eugene/Freeborn for HireUpload
12. Horrorscope/Prose and ConsUpload
13. The Looney Bin/That's What Friends Are ForUpload
1. Look Who's Not Talking/Paris, FreebornUpload
2. Eugenius/Citizen EugeneUpload
3. Dial-a-Phobia/Time Flies But Dodo Doesn'tUpload
4. Rumor of Her Own/Prime Time CrimeUpload
5. Dustbusters/Freeborn OnlineUpload
6. Stop in the Name of Lana/StarstruckUpload
7. Volcano Madness/Love Is BlindUpload
8. Wishing Well/Eu've Got MailUpload
9. Message in a Bottle/Fame, Fortune, MadnessUpload
10. Storyteller/Animal CourtUpload
11. Boo/Fountain of YouthUpload
12. Brand New Gnu/Boyz Night OutUpload
13. Fool's Gold/Near MythsUpload
1. No/Drums FeetUpload
2. Based and Manned/Shribbed and MannedUpload
135x 7.8
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