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The New Mike Hammer (1984) subtitles

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imdbThe New Mike Hammer is an American television series based on the exploits of the fictitious New York-based private detective Mike Hammer. The show starred Stacy Keach and was essentially a continuation of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, an earlier television program featuring an identical core cast. In fact, similarities between The New Mike Hammer and Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer are so close that many often group the two shows together under the same "Mike Hammer" umbrella. It was a ratings disappointment, undoubtedly due to it having to do battle with the NBC's Top 20 hits The Golden Girls and Amen, but it did manage to outrank ABC's low-rated Heart of the City in that timeslot. It ranked 59th out of 79 shows with an average rating/share of 11.9/19.

Movie rating: 6.8 / 10 (1147)

Season: #1 - #2 - #3 - # - #unclassified episodes

Directed by:

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Cast: - - - -

AKA: The New Mike Hammer, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, Mike Hammer

Movie name # DownloadedMovie rating Latest
1. 24 Karat DeadUpload
2. Hot IceUpload
3. Seven Dead EyesUpload
4. Vickie's SongUpload
5. Shots in the DarkUpload
6. Dead on a DimeUpload
7. Sex TrapUpload
8. Negative ImageUpload
9. The Perfect TwentyUpload
10. Satan, Cyanide and MurderUpload
1. Torch SongUpload
2. Too Young to DieUpload
3. Kill DevilUpload
4. CatfightUpload
5. WarpathUpload
6. BonecrunchUpload
7. Dead Card DownUpload
8. The Deadly PreyUpload
9. A Death in the FamilyUpload
10. Cold TargetUpload
11. A Bullet for BennyUpload
12. Dead Man's RunUpload
13. FirestormUpload
14. Deadly ReunionUpload
1. 190x 6.4
2. Dead PigeonUpload
3. Golden LadyUpload
4. Mike's BabyUpload
5. To Kill a FriendUpload
6. Mistress for the ProsecutionUpload
7. Harlem NocturneUpload
8. Murder in the CardsUpload
9. Requiem for BillyUpload
10. Little Miss MurderUpload
11. Kill John DoeUpload
12. Elegy for a TrampUpload
13. Body ShotUpload
14. Who Killed Sister Lorna?Upload
15. Deadly CollectionUpload
16. Green BlizzardUpload
17. The Last LaughUpload
18. Lady KillerUpload
19. Mike Gets MarriedUpload
20. A Blinding FearUpload
21. Green LipstickUpload
22. A Face in the NightUpload
145x 6.8
142x 6.8
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