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imdbLabyrinth is a historical television miniseries based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Kate Mosse. The series' setting jumps between modern and medieval France and follows two women search for the Holy Grail. Other cast members include Katie McGrath, Tom Felton, Sebastian Stan, Emun Elliott, Tony Curran, and John Hurt. Adrian Hodges adapted the novel for the series, which was directed by Christopher Smith. A German-South African co-production, the two-part series was filmed on-location in the medieval town of Carcassonne in southwest France and Cape Town, South Africa. It was executive-produced by Tim Halkin, Liza Marshall, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Rola Bauer, Jonas Bauer, and Hodges. The series aired in Canada, Korea, Poland and Portugal in autumn 2012, in Sweden in December 2012, the UK in March 2013, and is set to air in Austria and Germany early 2013. The running time was originally announced, and is still stated on the official website, as being "four hours". However, the broadcast version only runs for three hours.

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AKA: Labyrinth, Лабiринт

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