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Spirit World Portuguese (BR) Legendas (2010) 4CD srt


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Comentário do autor"On today's show I want to discuss spirit communication and magical rituals which invoke and attract spirits... Last night I watched a new film which has been made in Britain called SPIRITWORLD. It shows that there was a spiritual aftermath after 9-11. The Astral Planes were literally bombarded with the spirits of people who had been brutally murdered, dying in the fire, jumping to their deaths... I learnt a lot from this film - spirits can even be heard as the director is being interviewed... It seems the team who made this documentary attracted ghost activity to their studio... There is really good clips and photos of ghosts... David Icke is also featured in this film which is really well made... I've got my first caller of the evening... Hello, What's your name?" [Caller]: (long pause, static on the line) ".......Julia...." [Host]: "Welcome to the show, Julia, do you have a question about any- (interupted)" [Caller]:"A Baby has (unintelligible word) a black aura...around it's body before it (unintelligible word) ...dies....(static)..." [Host]: " er... Have you watched the film SpiritWorld? There is interesting information about ancient hallucinogenic plants enabling Shamans to see the astral world around us, sometimes we can see through into the spirit world, I think that's where our aura is...." [Caller]:"...I can't speak much longer. Yes. ....Auras... There are many people here with auras...." [Host]: "...Where? Which state do you live in...." [Caller]:"I'm (static & unintelligible word)... Dead.... (static)...working hard for us..." [Host]: "Julia?" [Caller]:"....(static)...I love you..." [New Caller Voice] "Hi, I am Julia, am I on the air? I don't know the other Julia." [Host]: "It seems we had a little visit". [SOUND on the LINE]: (static - sounds like a backwards voice - and crying) [Host] "It's late here, there is hardly no one here at the station. The reception girls have locked the doors and have come in to sit with me..." [New Caller: the real Julia]: "Yeah, kinda creepy sounds on the line tonight, Debbie!" [Host]: "Yeah."
Transcription from memory of the DEBBIE TOWNES SHOW broadcast July 3rd 2007. The station's audio-log recorder for the first time ever failed to record the on air transmission. It was a new machine, installed in December 2006 and has never, nor since, malfunctioned. The mystery caller is thought possibly to be a spirit voice. If anyone has an audio recording of this show, then please contact Chris Everard c/o: The Enigma Channel.
Nome da versão (release)Spirit World29.970 FPS
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