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National Geographic: Hubble´s Final Frontier Portuguese (BR) Legendas (2009) 1CD srt


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Comentário do autorOrbiting nearly 650 kilometres above the Earth, the Hubble space telescope has been our most powerful window on soaring star factories. It has been instrumental in providing the existence of black holes and has captured the cataclysmic end of stars far larger than our own sun. Rocking a long-established theory about universe existence, Hubble proved that the universe is expanding more and more quickly, which could ultimately destroy our entire universe.
The telescope also provided the first stunningly-detailed images that illustrate how embryonic stars are born from gas and dust clouds. First recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054 A.D., Hubble has tracked the debris from a thousand year old supernova still moving into space at approximately 5 million kilometres an hour.
When scientists focused Hubble on Jupiter, they were able to watch in real time the devastating effect of a comet hitting the massive planet. But the 12-ton telescope will soon be lost forever as it slowly spirals towards Earth, and astronauts will travel back into space to repair Hubble before the telescope is eventually shut down and sent back to Earth.
Nome da versão (release)National.Geographic:Hubbles.Final.Frontier.DVB.XviD.MP3.MVGroup.org25.000 FPS
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