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Trumbo Hrvatski titlovi (2015) 1CD srt


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Hvala2 hvala primljeno

Verzije titla
1.CD nebojsa_66Changes were made to correct some tags.
1.CD SmallBrotherFixed syntax errors (thanks to suadnovic)
1.CD nebojsa_66Prva verzija

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SmallBrother @
In version 2 syntax errors (missing closing tags for italics and bold) fixed by suadnovic.
nebojsa_66 @
I've corrected the mistakes suad made on this subtitle like moving all second line speakers to the second line and making lines over 40 characters long which is a degradation of my subtitle.
This is the corrected verion:
SmallBrother @
Hello nebojsa_66, you are right and I am sorry - I was too fast and saw only the errors on the closing tags as difference between your version and version 2 of suadnovic. Of course lines of 60 are not good (although I think 45 or sometimes even 50 is no problem).
But the version you are showing now on dropbox, is (except for a few minor differences) the same as your very first version. Tags for text as bold or italics should be closed, not only openened. And I also saw many units with dialog on one line, for example line 69, 72, 73 (but many more). Sometimes also THREE dialog parts in one unit.
So, as for those dialogs, your subs are not perfect, and also suadnovic subs are not perfect. Probably only a drastic revision could fix this.
As for the closing tags, they really should be closed.
If you place a version 3 which is the same as version 1, we are playing ping-pong, we could go on forever and not doing really useful work.
I would say to make subs WITH closing tags for bold and italics. This is easily added and doesn't degrade your subs at all. As for the dialogs, I leave it up to you.
Either way, you can upload a new version by yourself. Follow the link "Correct subtitles" and then the link "update".
nebojsa_66 @
Yes, there are three dialog parts because that is normal in croatian subtitles because they differentiate speakers and the text can't be put in separated subtitles because they would be shown too quickly and that would disrupt CPS aka characters per second which is 18 in this case.
Regarding the unclosed tags, they don't need to be closed if the entire line is like that. In notepad it would show the closing tag as well and in player it wouldn't be any problem.
And regarding the lenght of the line, everything over 40 is a big problem. I work proffesionally as a translator and 37 is our limit. That's how I made subtitles. It's my original work, I think I can decide if I want to make it look like that or not.
I don't want to tell you how to do your job but in my book this subtitle has been degraded in quality.
And sry for all of this, I just want to resolve this as best as it can be resolved and I hope there won't be any more misaunderstandings like this. ;)
SmallBrother @
I know different languages have slightly different subtitling guidelines, but to be honest I cannot imagine that Croatian allows three parts of a dialog in one subtitle sequence, of which the second starting half-way the first line and the third starting half-way the second line. Besides, some cases are unnecessary. For example, #131 has two lines of resp. 23 and 22 characters. Splitting the dailog into two individual lines would make it 16/29. No problem for line length, I would say. But much better for dialog conventions, so why not do it? If the reason for keeping dialogs the way you do, is CPS-ratio, then another solution could/should be found. Of course a too high CPS is no good. But subtitling is often opening the trick-box, be creative and finding the least-bad-solution.
As for the closing tags, we simply disagree. I think they should be closed. Always. But I am aware that some players dont have any problem with it. Also that Subtitle Workshop has difficulties with closing those tags. But that doesn't mean they should not be closed.
Your statement "It's my original work, I think I can decide if I want to make it look like that or not." doesn't make sense to me. Within that philosophy I could make total trash and justifying it by saying "it's my work". Of course you can decide how you do the things you do, but that doesn't necessarily and per defenition mean it's good...
Last but not least, I jumped in because of the reports, the discussion, and what looked to me like an unpleasant situation, trying to resolve it the best I could. But I am a Dutch admin, for the NL section. And I think I will go back there ;-)
nebojsa_66 @
Let's leave it at that, then. That we agree to disagree. ;)
I hate things like
in subtitle, I prefer
Yes.- No.
SW 2.51 have some minuses:
will be after correction
- No.-Way?
- No.- Way?
Also, if second dialog is under italik, dash wan't be moved.
SW 6.0 b doesn't have this problem, and this is reason I use it.
My SW is set up on 43 characters for line, and I don't have problems with players.
nebojsa_66 is right about some long lines which apears after using SW 6.0, so I will guit this custom. I was thinking just to do favor. I can fix such lines, but in this case I have right to sign subtitle as corrected, which I wished to avoid. I have my own subtitles working on, and so much time.
nebojsa_66 @
Just because you like it, doesn't mean it's good. The dash doesn't need space after it because it's one character less and it looks better to me. 43 characters is way too much, as I said, 37 is maximum for professional subtitles, and sw 6.0 is beta which means it's not done yet and as such it's not good as something that's been working perfectly for a very long time.
I will upload my own subtitles and there won't be need for you to do that anymore but thank you for you effort. :)
viperson @
nebojsa_66 is a professional translator and he is translating into the Croatian language. He is translating according to rules used on Croatian Public Broadcast HRT ( Everyone must admit that Public Broadcast Station knows how subtitles should be. And nebojsa_66 is working by those rules. Please don't apply Dutch or English translating rules to Croatian subtitles.
Best regards,
S. Person
nebojsa_66 @
Thank you! :)
dajan2 @
Odličan prevod nebojša66..:)
nebojsa_66 @
Hvala! :)
Trumbo titlovi Hrvatski
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Trumbo.2015.BRRip.XviD.AC3-EVO1CD299x 0.00
Trumbo.2015.720p.BRRip.XviD.AC3-RARBG Cro1CD1329x 0.00
Trumbo.2015.720p.BRRip.XviD.AC3-RARBG1CD382x 0.00nebojsa_66
Trumbo.2015.720p.BluRay.x264-Replica Trumbo.2015.1080p.Blu... 1CD1045x 0.00nebojsa_66
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