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Πλατούν Ελληνικά υπότιτλοι (1986) 1CD srt


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Όνομα αρχείου υποτίτλωνseventwenty-platoon.25th.anniversary.720.srt (74468bytes) Εμφάνιση προεπισκόπισης

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.63Platoon.1986.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4 | 839654955 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.58Platoon.1986.1080p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4 | 1717623237 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.56Platoon 1986 720p.x264.BRRip.GokU61.mp4 | 748476915 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.66Platoon.mp4 | 4239329130 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.61Platoon.1986.25th.Anniversary.Edition.1080p.BluRay.x264.anoX | 1667727179 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.61Platoon 1986 25th Anniversary Ed. BRrip 1080p DTS.mkv | 3154271663 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.61Platoon.1986.DVDRip.x264-JiZZA.mp4 | 987300052 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.63Platoon 1986.True.1080p.BluRay.5.1.x264 . NVEE.mp4 | 2887383782 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.70Platoon 1986 25th Anniversary Edition BluRay 1080p DTS-HD MA | 15326948720 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.70Platoon.1986.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-FGT.mkv | 17149424691 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.64Platoon 1986 25th Anniversary Ed. BluRay 1080p DTS AC3 dxva- | 16268186023 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.58Platoon 1986 720p BluRay DTS x264-HDMaNiAcS.mkv | 7048027638 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.58Platoon 1986 720p BRRip.mkv | 2201665214 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.69Platoon.1986.720p.BrRip.x264.YIFY.mp4 | 839654955 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.70Platoon.1986.BRRip.XviD.MP3-RARBG.avi | 1608933278 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.58platoon.1986.720p.bluray.x264-leverage.mkv | 7045715420 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.63Platoon.1986.BRRip.480p.XviD.AC3-tahi.AVI | 3576717362 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.63Platoon (1986) Blu Ray 1080p Dublado.mp4 | 1748951532 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.62Platoon (1986) BluRay Xvid 720p Ac3-aTLas.avi | 2491864420 | Ονόματα ταινιών

							Hash - BSPlayer v2.70Platoon 1986 25th Anniversary Edition BluRay 1080p DtsHDMa x | 8326884246 | Ονόματα ταινιών

Σχόλιο αποστολέαMGM redid the film boosting the audio and video quality of this classic
QUOTE "This 25th anniversary two-disc Blu-ray edition carries over the beautiful 1.85:1 print and all of the
special features from the 20th anniversary DVD. Platoon was remastered in 2006 in high definition, and that work
hasn't gone to waste. You can see the difference especially in the depth of the color and the sharpness of the picture.
The night scenes reveal a bit of grit and grain, some more than others, but it looks natural and appropriate for the
material. You're not going to see a film from 1986 look any better. The sound has also been upgraded to a 5.1 DTS-HD
track, and the full 360-degree sound field is utilized well. If you want to really hear the difference
(especially in the firefights), the previously remastered 4.0 Dolby track is provided as a secondary option.
Όνομα κυκλοφορίαςPlatoon.1986.25th.Anniversary.Edition.READNFO.720p.BluRay.x264-SEVENTWENTY23.976 FPS
ΑποστολέαςAnonymous @ . Κατέβηκε1757x () . Αφαίρεση από τους αγαπημένουςΠροσθήκη στους αγαπημένους . Αναφορά λανθασμένης ταινίαςΑναφορά λανθασμένης ταινίας

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Platoon υπότιτλοι Ελληνικά
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platoon.tdf1CD72x 0.00
Platoon (1986)3CD76x 0.00
Platoon (1986)-CD12CD256x 0.00
Platoon 1986 BRRip 720p H264 AAC-BeLLBoY (Kingdom-Release)1CD4136x 0.00
Platoon2CD335x 0.00
Platoon1CD580x 0.00
Platoon (1986)1CD505x 0.00tarant_1 (a)
Platoon1CD918x 0.00bisgan (a)
Platoon (1986)1CD555x 0.00tarant_1 (a)
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Βαθμολογία ταινίας:8.1 / 10 (308754)
[ The first casualty of war is innocence. ] - Θέλοντας να εκπληρώσει το χρέος του προς την πατρίδα, ένας μικροαστός Αμερικανός φοιτητής κατατάσσεται εθελοντής στο στρατό και βρίσκεται να υπηρετεί στο Βιετνάμ, όπου θα γνωρίσει από κοντά τη φρίκη και τον παραλογισμό του συγκεκριμένου πολέμου.
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